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U.S. dairy — consolidation or restructuring?

Consumer demand for quality food products at a reasonable price, combined with the development of standardized animal-production systems, has led to vertical integration within the pork and poultry industries. As a result, they have been transformed from commodity markets to value-added markets. FULL STORY »

Bioterrorism prevention starts with you

Every family farmer has enough things to occupy his time without worrying about the threat of agroterrorism. FULL STORY »

Two scenarios for the future

The U.S. dairy industry is undergoing dramatic and significant change. FULL STORY »

Why we need to speak up for ag

Let’s face it. we don’t look like we used to. FULL STORY »

5 steps of crisis communications

Sooner or later, many businesses find themselves confronted with a crisis. So, they can either prepare ahead of time or else react to the crisis once it is upon them. FULL STORY »

The 10 biggest mistakes in crisis communication

Every business is vulnerable to crises. Lawsuits, accusations of impropriety, terrorism and other volatile situations make the news each day. When it happens to your business, you will quickly find yourself on trial in the court of public opinion. And how you respond will determine your future. FULL STORY »

Testing + monitoring + surveillance = risk management

One of the hot topics at the recent Animal Agriculture Alliance meeting in Washington, D.C., was food recalls and meatborne illnesses that have occurred during the past 10 years. FULL STORY »

How to grow market share for fluid milk

When it comes to growing fluid milk’s market share, the dairy industry could learn a few lessons from Procter and Gamble. FULL STORY »

Learn how to track consumer trends

Consumers are sending strong signals to the food industry. FULL STORY »

Consumer trends drive change

In order to optimize business performance over time, you must track consumer trends. It doesn’t matter what you produce or where you fall in the food-value chain, consumers direct change. FULL STORY »

Change: An opportunity in disguise

The U.S. dairy industry will see more change in the next five years than we have seen during the past 25 years. To see the rapid changes, just look at who produces the milk—and where. FULL STORY »

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