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Don’t get blindsided by change

Think of the companies that have been blindsided by change — Montgomery Ward, Polaroid, IBM, small-scale broiler producers and the list goes on. Increasingly, the changes and trends in the general business world impact the dairy industry. FULL STORY »

Cheese-making provides a different perspective

As the price of milk languishes, dairy farmers try to understand the complexities of milk pricing and find new solutions to the problem. One of the potential solutions is adding value to, and marketing, your own dairy products. FULL STORY »

Aim for a cell count of 250,000 or below

Every dairy should be able to achieve a bulk tank somatic cell count average of 250,000 or less. The differences between low cell count herds — 250,000 and below — and those with a cell count average over 400,000 are not great. FULL STORY »

Arm yourself with these 5 facts about milk

At a recent conference involving the general public, I was flooded with questions about milk when the other attendees learned I was a dairy specialist. FULL STORY »

Is there a difference between milk quality and food safety?

Food safety and food quality have become top-of-mind issues for both consumers and those in production agriculture. FULL STORY »

5 ideas to enhance dairy demand

The dairy industry is at a crossroads. As members of the dairy food chain, we can either work together to meet consumer needs and grow demand, or we can stay splintered and wonder why there is not more demand for dairy products. FULL STORY »

Communications training: A survival tool for dairy farms

As a dairy producer, I believe that telling dairy’s story to the public has become critical to the long-term success of our dairy business. FULL STORY »

Be a spokesperson, not a spectator

Has it ever occurred to you just how important your story is to the public? FULL STORY »

Mastitis, milk quality and dairy food safety

Mastitis, milk quality and dairy food safety are all very much interrelated. However, we generally do not associate mastitis with dairy food safety. That’s probably because we have always focused on the relationship of mastitis and milk quality. However, it’s time to change our way of thinking. FULL STORY »

Milk quality requires a team effort

Achieving quality milk takes more than adhering to two or three key principles. FULL STORY »

7 ideas to improve on-farm food safety

Consumers today are increasingly concerned about the safety of their food. In addition, consumers are further removed from the farm and have a lack of understanding about modern food production practices. FULL STORY »

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