Dairy Herd Management articles:

Ship more of the milk you make
Sounds simple, but not all producers ship the most milk they could.

Cut bedding cost now, pay later
Cost control is paramount, but be careful what you cut.

Tame the rollercoaster ride
Milk and feed prices have become a volatile rollercoaster ride over the past few years.

6 ways to monitor your financial position     
Low milk prices, high feed cost and high general input cost pose a triple threat to your operation in 2009. What actions should you take to survive these troubled times?

3 economic rules-of-thumb 
Dairy Managers must not make economically “wrong” decisions (saving a dollar today while losing $10 six months later) these days, says Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois extension dairy specialist.

How much does a case of metritis cost? 
According to research published in 1986, the cost of metritis was $106 per case. As you might expect, that figure has increased substantially.

Does it pay to buy vs. rent? 
About a year ago, I got a call from my brother-in-law. He had learned that his landlord, the University of Illinois, had received a cash-rent bid of $360 per acre on the 700-plus acres he had rented the previous year.