Ag must play a part in cutting debt

The national debt recently topped $14 trillion. More people, including those of us in agriculture, need to step up and take leadership on this issue. FULL STORY »

How times (and corn prices) change!

When I became editor of Dairy Herd Management in 1992, the all-milk price was $13.50 per hundredweight and the corn price fluctuated between $2 and $2.50 per bushel. FULL STORY »

The gall of the USDA to ‘promote’ cheese

While browsing through The Kansas City Star on a recent Sunday morning, I came across an article on page A8 with the headline, “Government takes contradictory stance on cheese.” FULL STORY »

Unity needed for meaningful reform

Unity? What unity? The dairy industry seems as divided as ever. FULL STORY »

Personal beliefs aside, it’s good to reduce our 'carbon footprint'

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy is spearheading research that will help the dairy industry reduce its “carbon footprint.” FULL STORY »

Go ahead and gripe

Recently, a teacher complained to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that she wasn’t being adequately compensated for her education and experience. FULL STORY »

No enlightenment shown by Obama on animal ID

The Obama Administration and Democratic majority in Congress were supposed to be more enlightened toward food safety and traceability than the Republicans. FULL STORY »

Feeding a hungry world is Job One

Every time a news magazine or TV network comes out with a report mischaracterizing animal agriculture, we turn our attention to what was said and how we can respond.

A number of activists seem intent on destroying animal agriculture. Meanwhile, the government keeps imposing regulations that are more and more burdensome. FULL STORY »

The power of branding

Most Chinese don’t know where the state of Kentucky is located, but they do recognize the iconic image of Colonel Sanders at KFC restaurants. KFC is now found in 656 cities across China. FULL STORY »

We risk getting caught in a credibility gap on obesity

One by one, TV shows are starting to pop up in response to the obesity crisis in this country. FULL STORY »

The insidiousness of ‘climate change’

Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded $17 million to various universities around the country to study the impacts of climate change. FULL STORY »

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