No more media messes, please!

The vast majority of people who walk their dogs past my house are responsible pet owners. FULL STORY »

Why is the news media so sensational?

When I tell people that I am with the media, I add in a few qualifications. I tell them that I work for a business publication that tries to help its readers and does everything it can to ensure accuracy. FULL STORY »

Get cracking on greenhouse gases

A new year will bring new challenges. One item that is bound to get more attention is agriculture’s role in the global-warming debate. FULL STORY »

Something good might come from 2009

In more than 40 years of dairying, Ken Nobis can’t recall a year that had a wider “disparity between cost and revenue” than 2009. In other words, profit margins have never been this far into negative territory. FULL STORY »

Why you should be cool toward COOL

OK, on the face of it, Americans have a right to know where their food is coming from. But the liberal U.S. Senators who introduced a country-of-origin-labeling (COOL) measure for dairy in mid-October are naïve if they think it will help the dairy industries in their states. FULL STORY »

Conspiracy theories can get you in trouble

On Aug. 21, we posted an article on our Web site titled, "Conspiracy theories begin to bubble up." FULL STORY »

Your letters and e-mails are welcome

This summer, many constituents have let their congressmen “have it” by airing their feelings about health-care reform. Much of it has taken place in raucous town-hall meetings. FULL STORY »

A resource center you can use

These are very difficult times for dairy producers. Currently, dairies are losing $4 per cow per day, as a general rule. That means a 500-cow dairy is losing $2,000 a day or $60,000 a month. FULL STORY »

Where do we go from here?

As recently as last fall, no one could have foreseen the precipitous drop in milk prices. FULL STORY »

"If you are not at the table, you are on the menu"

At the National Dairy Leaders Conference, held recently in the Denver area, one thing became quite apparent as I listened to one speaker after another describe the issues facing the industry: Dairy producers need to speak up more or else someone else is going to do the speaking for them. FULL STORY »

Things will get better, just not yet

When they descend down the Rockies on Interstate 70 east, truckers can see the lights of Denver ahead and the road may appear to be flattening out, which can make them optimistic that the long, arduous journey in low gear may be nearing an end. FULL STORY »

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