New (or dusted-off) ideas needed in economic crisis

About 30 dairy producers gathered at Brewskie’s Bar and Grill in downtown Utica, Minn., last month to discuss low milk prices and possible solutions. FULL STORY »

We will ride out this crisis

A lot of people are suffering from the global economic crisis. FULL STORY »

What’s good for the restaurant business…

Next time you go out to eat, notice how many times cheese shows up on the menu. FULL STORY »

Build export relationshipsin tough economic times

Talk about a “good news, bad news” scenario. FULL STORY »

We can reduce our carbon footprint even more

Two vehicles travel the same route. which is the most fuel-efficient? FULL STORY »

Take Johne’s more seriously

When non-farm people ask Ken Olson what he does for a living, he often finds himself having to explain Johne’s disease. FULL STORY »

The (export) customer is always right

After a few formalities, it became apparent that the quality assurance director for a large Chinese beverage manufacturer had serious business on her mind. FULL STORY »

Based on the past 30 years, imagine what the next 30 will bring

No one had to tell me it was 10:45 each morning — I could feel it in my stomach. FULL STORY »

Animal ag takes it on the chin — again

Four years ago, I was bitten on the leg by a brown recluse spider. I was hardly aware of the bite when it occurred, but that night I got chills and other fever-like symptoms. During the next day or so, an itchy, reddened area started to turn black and a hard knot formed underneath. I knew it was time to go to the doctor. FULL STORY »

Can you take anything for granted?

Here are some things you just can’t take for granted anymore. FULL STORY »

Light up your cell phone

Leafing through a recent issue of Wired magazine — in pursuit of an article on “America’s worst airports” — I came across an advertisement that caught my eye. FULL STORY »

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