“Sustainability” the Wal-Mart way

Be ready to make “sustainability” a part of your everyday vocabulary. FULL STORY »

Walk a mile in your neighbor’s shoes

I received a letter to the editor from an anonymous source who took me to task for an editorial I wrote in the February issue. FULL STORY »

Rising input costs represent a moving target

One of the challenges in writing for a national audience is to capture the big picture, while also trying to acknowledge all of the regional differences that exist. FULL STORY »

Higher retail milk prices: dilemma or opportunity?

When I buy milk at the grocery store, I look for a blue label, indicating it is my favorite brand’s version of 2 percent low-fat milk. Price is not really a concern ... But price is a concern for many other consumers, and that is where the dairy industry faces a potential dilemma. FULL STORY »

Readers name their top challenges

It’s getting harder to find good help. FULL STORY »

Highlights from a great meeting

One of my favorite trips during the year is the National Milk Producers Federation/Dairy Management Inc. joint annual meeting because it covers so many important industry topics. FULL STORY »

Our technology is under assault

At last month’s World Dairy Expo, we asked readers who stopped by our booth to list the top five challenges they expect to see on their dairies in the next three years. Many did take the time to thoughtfully write down their top challenges on a survey form. FULL STORY »

Finally, visual proof!

In 2005 and then again in 2006, I had the opportunity to attend the FBI Symposium on Agroterrorism. Speaker after speaker identified foot-and-mouth disease as the single biggest potential threat. FULL STORY »

Even climate change brings opportunity

Aug. 15, and it’s 102 degrees in the Kansas City area. OK, I picked the hottest day of the year to say this: Global warming is more of a political expediency than a scientific reality. FULL STORY »

Look at the "big picture" rather than just calories

Researchers at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom have found that increased intake of milk and other dairy products can reduce the risk in men for metabolic syndrome. FULL STORY »

How much time do you spend in the office?

Dana Allen knows it’s important to spend time in the office, but like a lot of managers she is still making the transition from manager to chief executive officer. Spending time in an office — rather than a barn — is not always intuitive. FULL STORY »

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