We will send the e-mail newsletter to qualified producers and consultants with a special stake in the heifer- and calf-raising business. The newsletter will contain the latest calf and heifer research and management advice, as well as useful tips about calf- or heifer-specific tasks and protocols.

We sent a prototype issue to our target audience in December and got a very positive response. Among 528 people who completed a follow-up survey, the vast majority -— 88.3 percent — checked the top three boxes on a scale of 1 to 6, indicating that they found the newsletter useful to very useful.

Surprisingly, 87.4 percent of respondents don’t currently receive another e-mail newsletter product that covers calf and heifer information. Obviously, this is an area of need.

The newsletter reflects our commitment to the dairy industry, and helps fulfill our food360° mission. The food360° (or full-circle) perspective is meant to improve communication within the dairy-food chain in a way that better serves the needs of the end consumer. Calf and heifer management is a very important — and increasingly specialized — area of that chain.

The first regular newsletter will be sent out on March 13 — one week ahead of the National Dairy Calf & Heifer Conference in Visalia, Calif. After that, we will publish it on a monthly basis, with an eye toward possible bi-weekly publication at a later date.

To sign up for Calf & Heifer Adviser, visit www.dairyherd.com/adviser/subscribe.htm    

We look forward to your response.