Our June issue, which featured producer “talking points” on animal welfare, the environment and other issues, continues to generate positive ripple effects across the industry.

  • Based on the positive feedback we received, we have developed a six-page brochure in partnership with Dairy Management Inc., the organization that manages the national dairy-checkoff program. Entitled, “Got questions about milk”?, the brochure encapsulates the June issue into a readily accessible consumer handout. DMI plans to distribute thousands of brochures this fall to dairy-case managers and numerous others who are on the “front lines” everyday with consumers.
  • When a representative of DMI told Connie Tipton, president and CEO of  the International Dairy Foods Association, about the brochure, Tipton said she would like to have some copies for her dairy-processor members. For starters, IDFA requested 100 copies to hand out at its board of directors meeting later this month.
  • Several companies, along with the nation’s largest dairy cooperative, have asked if they can post June articles on their Web sites.  To facilitate this, Dairy Herd Management is in the process of professionally designing and preparing an exportable version of a Quality Milk Talking Points Web section for the industry’s use. This section will feature all of the articles, resources and links featured in the June Milk Quality issue. This Web site enhancement will be created and distributed in a manner that can be easily incorporated into most Web sites. There will be a nominal fee associated with the Web site enhancement and service. Our goal is to maintain the consistency and integrity of this information and ensure it is timely, pertinent and accurate.  It’s very important that the dairy industry speak with a unified voice when addressing hot-button consumer issues.   

We want to thank you for the positive feedback you provided. It gave us added impetus to repackage the magazine articles into consumer-ready educational materials.

We’re confident that the materials will be put to good use.

Last year, as part of a tour group sponsored by Dairy Herd Management, Tom Gruenberger, dairy-category manager for a major supermarket chain in the Denver, Colo., area, acknowledged that he doesn’t always have the materials he needs when speaking to consumers. It pointed out the need for good promotional materials — and, once again, the importance of everyone in the dairy industry “being on message” and speaking to consumers in a clear, consistent manner.

Thank you for helping us take up the challenge.