Dairy Herd Management articles:

Frontier Equipment introduces new combine header transports
Ideal for field-to-field or highway transport of your combine’s flex platform, rigid platform, draper platform or corn head. Two new header transports are available – the HT11 and HT12 Series. HT11 and HT12 Series Header Transports each feature five models available in lengths ranging from 24 up to 42 feet. The HT11 Series are ideal for field-to-field transport. The HT12 Series are built for highway transport, are licensable, and come with highway trailer markings and lights.

Frontier Equipment introduces new DC1000 Disc Mower Caddy
This attachment is ideal for customers who have small-sized cab tractors that lack the 3-point hitch-lift capacity to carry a disc mower. The DC1000 comes equipped with an adjustable clevis tongue so you can match the implement to the tractor drawbar height. A hydraulic-lift 3-point hitch is standard equipment and includes a cylinder, hoses, and tips that make raising and lowering disc mowers more convenient. An equal angle Category IV 540-rpm PTO driveline is also provided to handle the torque load of disc mower use.

TeMax Takes Work Out of Moving Feed Barrels
Combining a specially-designed attachment and a three-wheel battery-powered drive-unit, a new walk-behind machine takes the work out of moving heavy barrels of livestock feed. The TeMax Barrel Transport makes no noise, gives off no air pollution and is very versatile. The barrel attachment can be interchanged with other attachments without tools. It has a hauling capacity of 550 pounds.

Kubota Introduces RTV1140CPX transformable 4-passenger work utility vehicle
The vehicle features a transformation system that quickly converts from one-to-two-row seating options, allowing the operator to choose between additional passenger capacity or cargo space, depending on the task at hand. The rail system is mounted on the OSHA-compliant roll-over protection structure to allow easy and seamless transitions when converting from the one- to-two row seating options.

Gillis Ag launches EcoDrum Composter
Gillis Agricultural Systems Inc. announced the launch of a new composter “Ecodrum Composter” available throughout the Midwest. The Ecodrum is a year-round controlled system, processing 100 percent of barn mortalities as well as manure and bedding on site within a short period of time. The cost of owning and operating the Ecodrum is comparable to, and even less than that of other animal mortality management options. The Ecodrum Composter is eligible for grant money as part of the EQIP program in some states.