EZid, a division of Avid Identification Systems, announced the U.S. release of its EZid HDX electronic ear tag for cattle.

The EZid ear tag provides RFID identification for use in feedlots, dairy parlors and cow/calf operations. The use of HDX technology delivers the industry’s longest read distance., the company said.  And, unlike other tags on the market, the design of the EZid tag delivers maximum read performance from the side, allowing for "easier, faster scans when using handheld or stationary readers," EZid says.

This electronic ear tag contains an ISO HDX transponder molded into an easy-to-read tag that features a unique identification number. Tag information can be easily read into Excel and Access spreadsheets or other industry management software, providing immediate access to individual animal records. These tags work with any ISO compliant HDX/FDX reader, making them easy to implement.

“Our HDX or 'Half Duplex' tags outperform other tags when it comes to read distance," says Elsie McCoy, manager of the EZid U.S. Office.

Longer read distance equates to a higher percentage of accurate scans, and this saves labor time.  

“For example, when cattlemen are moving cattle from the chute to the truck, they don’t have to go back and re-scan animals missed the first time," McCoy says.

An early adopter of EZid tags is Upper Valley Holstein in Austin, Colo. Andy Wick, owner, said his primary reason for selecting EZid is its superior side-reading capability.  He implemented EZid ear tags in his 615 cow dairy parlor over a year ago with excellent results. Wick says, “We are just delighted with the tags.” He replaced an older battery-operated necklace system that was expensive and labor intensive.  At a fraction of the cost for the older tags, he has implemented a system that delivers nearly perfect accuracy every milking.

Source: EZid news release