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Reduce lameness and improve fertility

It’s well-known that lame cattle can have reduced milk production and increased disease incidence, but the effects of lameness can also negatively affect fertility and reproduction. FULL STORY »

Shield forage quality

Getting a good seal is unarguably one of the most important things you can do to ensure the quality of forages in bunker silos and drive-over piles.

“After hybrid selection and packing density, it’s the third most important thing you do when you manage a bunker or pile,” says Keith Bolsen, a professor emeritus of ruminant nutrition at Kansas State University. FULL STORY »

Dairy sustainability award winners named

On March 7, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy announced the winners of the inaugural Dairy Sustainability Awards, a program to recognize dairy farms, dairy companies and collaborative partnerships for efforts that advance the sustainability of the dairy industry. FULL STORY »

Make the most of your forages

Use these strategies to make high-forage diets work. FULL STORY »

A new script unfolds when corn silage replaces some alfalfa hay

Because alfalfa hay has gotten so expensive — even scarce in some locations — many dairy farmers have adjusted their rations. Some are feeding more corn silage. Yet, there may be some unintended consequences with this kind of a switch if you do not pay enough attention to the fermentability of starch and fermentability of fiber in the ration. The “bad actors” inside a cow’s rumen could take on a more significant role if that were to occur. FULL STORY »

Going to great lengths to secure hay

Last year’s drought in the South Central U.S. wreaked havoc on dairy producers like Doug Idsinga, of Portales, N.M. FULL STORY »

Transportation and health of baby calves

Loading and unloading calves can be difficult, especially when using large trucks with calves less than a week of age. FULL STORY »

Make mine a triple

New research shows long-term benefits of a three-a-day calf feeding approach. FULL STORY »

Class III milk prices could average $17 this year

Last year, milk prices were well above 2010 and set a new record, surpassing the previous record set back in 2007. FULL STORY »

Power up with apps

Here are some ways to put mobile apps to work on your dairy. FULL STORY »

Is she getting 12 to 14 hours of lying time?

Some of the free-stalls at a 500-cow dairy in upstate New York were in need of repair. Whether it involved loops falling down or loops hanging at an angle, the stalls just couldn’t be used. FULL STORY »

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