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Enhance milk quality through breeding

Genetic discoveries suggest you can lower mastitis incidence through improved cow immunity. FULL STORY »

Will someone catch the ball and run with it?

They punted. There is really no other way to describe what happened on May 4 when the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments turned down a proposal to improve the somatic cell standard for milk in the United States. FULL STORY »

Knock, knock, it's OSHA

Is your farm safety program ready for an OSHA inspection? FULL STORY »

Prepare for that “what-if” scenario

In 1996, Joan and Matt Marti of Nehalem, Ore., were faced with a catastrophic flood. Residences were destroyed, 30 percent of the herd was lost, and all of the farm’s financial records were ruined. The land the farm sits on was damaged extensively and would take a full year to return to production due to 3 feet of silt residue left from the flooding. FULL STORY »

Feed shrink may be robbing you blind

It could be costing you thousands of dollars each year. FULL STORY »

Target your top heifers

Genomic testing technology can help you identify and better manage top performers earlier while finding those that don’t fit in your profit picture. FULL STORY »

Find out what makes your feeders tick

What do you need to do to motivate your feeders to ensure a job well done? Is it time to dig out incentives, more training, or even a performance-tracking program? FULL STORY »

Rising feed prices eat into profits

It’s just nuts right now.” That is how dairy producer Pete Tiemersma, of Visalia, Calif., describes the current feed cost situation. In early March, he paid $325 per ton for alfalfa hay — the highest amount he can ever remember the farm having to pay. And, the situation with rolled corn is just about as bleak. He’s been paying $285 to $300 per ton for that. FULL STORY »

Be smart about making feed changes

In early 2011, Sean Jones of Massey, Md., was looking to save money on his feed cost. Jones had the opportunity to purchase some wet brewers grain. Based on an evaluation he did with his nutritionist using CPM-Dairy, it appeared that they would lose a half a pound of milk per cow per day by feeding the wet brewers grain. Jones decided to go ahead with the ration change anyway due to the savings in the ration of 15 cents per cow per day. FULL STORY »

7 keys to a heifer-raising contract

A handshake has successfully sealed many business deals over the years. But, as your business gets more complicated, written contracts need to replace oral agreements. FULL STORY »

When a colostrum replacer may be needed

There are definitely situations where the quality of maternal colostrum cannot be guaranteed and a colostrum replacer should be considered. FULL STORY »

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