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Study: 60 percent of colostrum on dairy farms is inadequate

The contributions of high-quality colostrum to the health and productivity of dairy calves — in both their early stages and throughout their lifetimes — have been well-documented. FULL STORY »

Best to introduce heifers in the evening?

Does the time of day when recently fresh heifers are introduced to the lactating herd affect their acclimation and subsequent performance? FULL STORY »

10 goals you must keep during heat stress

It can be a challenge to meet the nutrient requirements of dairy cattle during heat stress. FULL STORY »

Shred it

There’s a new way to harvest corn silage, and research shows that cows respond favorably to it. FULL STORY »

Will only part of the world be fed?

Movie aficionados will remember the scene from “The Graduate” where the main character, Benjamin Braddock, is at a lavish party thrown by his parents, receiving career advice from the wellheeled guests. FULL STORY »

Dairy welfare programs

Retail purchasing behavior is proof that dairy welfare programs are important.

Last year, Purdue University researchers asked 1,000 households about their perceptions and preferences for dairy products and the importance of dairy product attributes. FULL STORY »

Manage calf surges

Even if a dairy is set up with maternity pens, a large amount of calves can overwhelm the typical calving area.

In a calving surge, producers need to find other places they can calve cows and heifers, says Sam Leadley, calf-care specialist with Attica (N.Y.) Veterinary Associates. FULL STORY »

Milk quality continues to improve

Dairy producers are doing something right. A study presented in September 2011 at the 3rd International Symposium on Mastitis and Milk Quality shows a continued decline in bulk tank somatic cell counts, indicating improved milk quality. FULL STORY »

New hope for coliform mastitis

A recent study shows that antibiotics can be effective in treating coliform mastitis. This refutes the long-held notion that antibiotics aren’t effective in treating coliform mastitis, which has people saying it’s now time for a paradigm shift. FULL STORY »

Tube ventilation

Positive-pressure tube ventilation is becoming extremely popular in Wisconsin and other regions of the country that experience cold weather. University of Wisconsin experts, and some producers using tube ventilation, share their thoughts and experiences. FULL STORY »

The fertility tradeoff

In Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, “To be or not to be – that is the question,” the Shakespearian character toys with the idea of suicide. He doesn’t know what the consequences will be, which makes the decision all the more harder. FULL STORY »

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