The votes are in and Dairy Herd Management is pleased to announce the top 10 innovative products of the year.

Innovation awards announcedEntrees were evaluated by Dairy Herd Management’s independent panel of dairy farmers, agribusiness representatives and university experts. Each entry was judged on its originality within the marketplace, usefulness and value to dairy farmers.

This is the second year for the Innovation Awards. With more than 30 entries, it was stiff competition.

In no particular order, the top 10 honorees are:


Select Sires Inc. introduces StrataGEN™.

Innovation awards announcedStrataGEN is a unique, sequential breeding system that offers optimal use of genomic insights to help dairy producers achieve individual breeding goals, while also minimizing inbreeding.

StrataGEN uses genomic insights to categorize both daughter-proven sires and genomic young sires into one of five unique genetic lines, based on common traits they’ve inherited from their ancestors, as confirmed by individual genomic testing. Each line is identified with a single color — orange, blue, green, yellow or red, for easy understanding and implementation into any dairy breeding program.

Inbreeding and the potential financial losses it causes, is a real problem in dairy operations today. With the intensive use of genomics now being applied to sire selection, the risk of inbreeding is even greater. Research has indicated that for each one percent inbreeding increase in a herd, performance is impacted by: -24 Lifetime NM$, +.36 days of age at first calving, -13 days Productive Life, -790 pounds lifetime milk production, -25 pounds lifetime protein production and +.26 month first calving interval. All of these issues add up to have a significant impact to a dairy producer’s bottom line.

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Arid Lite Bedding Recovery System

Manure Systems, Inc. introduces the Arid Lite Bedding Recovery System.

Innovation awards announcedIt is a turn-key fully-automated system that converts raw dairy manure into safe, reusable, high-quality, low-cost bedding material. The modular system has a very small footprint and is geared to provide an affordable solution for 500-cow-or-less operations.

Using a special process, the system recovers only the large coarse fiber in manure, removing the sludge, nutrients and liquid using a conditioning feature exclusive to ARID Lite. The cleaned recovered fiber is then press-dried, and is ready for immediate use as bedding material — the need for heating or composting eliminated by the conditioning process. The removed sludge and liquid is sent to storage for future use.

Return on investment is quickly realized by eliminating monthly bedding purchases. In most cases, the ARID Lite system produces more bedding than is required by the dairy providing a revenue opportunity for off-farm sales of fiber. Land application of the remaining liquids with its dramatically reduced solids means content becomes simpler, more economical and better for the grasslands.

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Canarm/BSM Ltd. introduces the Coneybearicade.

Innovation awards announcedConeybearicade is a unique, custom-made feed barrier that significantly improves feed management capabilities. Its innovative design makes it easy to move and virtually eliminates the task of pushing up feed from the alley to the cow.

Made from durable and easy-to-clean PVC planks, the Coneybearicade is a barrier that is 20 inches high and sits 30 inches from the front of the curb. Controlled by an automated winch and pulley control system, the board can be raised vertically by a cable 5 feet from the floor. This dynamic design feature allows it to be raised for easy cow feeding and cleaning of the manger. When in the lowered position, it runs the length of the manger, creating an impervious wall that keeps the feed within easy reach of the cows.

By keeping the feed consolidated and close to the cows, the feed will stay fresh and increase the cows’ dry matter intake because the feed is always within reach.

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Ecalogix system

ZUREX PharmAgra, LLC, introduces the Ecalogix System™.

Innovation awards announcedAs dairy farms get larger, their ability to defend and control their operations against harmful micro-organisms becomes even more critical. The ECAlogix System (ECA = Electro-chemical activation) technology delivers a new level of dairy hygiene protection, providing solutions created on-site, with superior germicidal efficacy, at a fraction of the cost of current germicidal alternatives.

The ECAlogix System makes it possible to create a large amount of base disinfectant (ECAcept Concentrate) for literally pennies a gallon! Once produced, ECAcept Concentrate can be used on a wide variety of on-dairy applications from animal hygiene, facility hygiene and water treatment purposes. Either blended with proprietary ECAcept Additives, or used in diluted form, the ECAlogix System provides huge bottom-line savings and operational efficiencies.

The ECAlogix System applies a technology commonly used in municipal water treatment applications (ECA - Electro-chemical activation) and scales it to on-farm uses.

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Zuprevo antibiotic

Merck Animal Health introduces Zuprevo™ (tildipirosin) antibiotic.

Innovation awards announcedZuprevo is a novel, new macrolide antibiotic for the management of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) that offers an excellent combination of effectiveness and convenience.

Zuprevo is indicated for the treatment of BRD associated with Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and Histophilus somni in beef and non-lactating dairy cattle, and for the control of respiratory disease in beef and non-lactating dairy cattle at high risk of developing BRD associated with Mannheimia haemolytica, Pasteurella multocida and Histophilus somni. These bacterial pathogens are commonly associated with respiratory disease in cattle.

Zuprevo gets its combination of effectiveness, bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity from its unique 16-member, tribasic molecular structure. The macrolides inhibit protein synthesis at the ribosomal level.

BRD is the world’s most common and costly beef cattle disease, taking a substantial toll annually on animal health, productivity and welfare. Effective BRD treatment and control is critical to protecting cattle and keeping beef operations sustainable.

For more information: Go to is the only online marketplace for bulk feed ingredients. The online market place helps producers manage the price volatility of bulk ingredients and makes sourcing those ingredients fast and easy.

Innovation awards announcedThere is no charge to use the listing service so producers can view, buy and bid on ingredients at no cost.

As the only online market place for bulk feed ingredients, meets an industry-wide need. Since launching in June there has been tremendous interest in using the market place with several hundred searches occurring each day as of mid-July. An online marketplace for bulk feed ingredients was needed because:

• More and more producers are looking for byproducts or alternative feeds.

• Producers were struggling with the volatility of these ingredient markets.

• Producers had a large amount of time and cost associated with sourcing these ingredients.

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Innovation awards announcedDairy Tech Inc. introduces Milkworks®.

Milkworks is the latest technology offered in the Dairy Tech, Inc. family of colostrum-management products. It is a cutting-edge tool that offers dairymen a simple process to deliver maximum Ig to the calf:

• The Silver Model is designed for rapid cooling of colostrum to slow the growth of bacteria before the product is stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The Silver Model is also designed to efficiently and safely thaw and warm colostrum so that calves are fed the proper volumes in an appropriate amount of time. The active warming is 4X faster than traditional methods that put the delicate Ig proteins at significant risk.

• The Gold Model takes these advantages a step further by incorporating sophisticated control options that permit colostrums pasteurization as well. Colostrum must be managed using the Perfect Udder colostrum bags that enable for pasteurization, storage, reheating and feeding all from the same container.

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Heifer Genomics Guide

Dairy Records Management Systems introduces the Heifer Genomics Guide.

Innovation awards announcedGenomics, genomic evaluation, genomics technology…Peruse any dairy publication and you are bound to see these buzz words. Our industry is on the genomics fast track. Dairy producers are testing heifers at an ever-increasing rate. University and industry researchers are touting the benefits of using genomics as an evaluation tool.

Now the question is: What to do with all of this genomic data?

Dairy Records Management Systems has the answer. The Heifer Genomics Guide (DHI-428) is now available to all dairy producer clients on DHIA test who genotype. Genomics results flow from UDSA-AIPL to DRMS and are merged with relevant management information. The result is the Heifer Genomics Guide.

To get the greatest benefit from genomics, tools such as the Heifer Genomics Guide are becoming increasingly important. The Guide enables producers to make informed decisions about their heifers from a genomics perspective and will help elevate the value of genetics in U.S. dairy herds.

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SHREDLAGE L.L.C. introduces Shredlage™.

Innovation awards announcedShredlage is a new, patent pending and revolutionary technology to process corn and/or sorghum silage that replaces a conventional kernel processer. It allows for a much longer particle length — 30 MM vs. 19 MM for conventional silage — annihilates corn kernels and shreds the plant vertically which increases microbial surface area and improves effective fiber without sorting. And, because of the particle configuration, Shredlage packs better for improved oxygen removal that results in better silage fermentation.

The actual product that SHREDLAGE L.L.C. sells is a processing unit that mounts inside a conventional corn chopper. The chopper cuts the corn to length, and then runs the silage through our processor that shreds the stocks length ways, while crushing the kernel and cob, much like the conventional kernel processors being used now.

Research conducted at the University of Wisconsin shows Shredlage cows outperformed the control cows in milk production, while maintaining strong components and feed utilization.

Further research is planned to better understand Shredlage and its benefits.

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Pumpeller hybrid lagoon pump

Innovation awards announcedJamesway Farm Equipment introduces the Pumpeller™ hybrid lagoon pump.

The radical new design of Lagoon Pump developed by Jamesway Farm Equipment takes much less time and less fuel to agitate the toughest lagoons.

The patented hybrid turbine chops solids entering the propeller-type core, while the integral impeller blades at the outer edge produce cannon flow and pressure. The Pumpeller agitation power exceeds that of traditional pump and prop lagoon pumps without the need for any gearbox.

Pumpeller is a completely new technology offering significantly lower operating costs and superior performance as compared to pre-existing technology.

The internal mounting of the propeller creates a powerful suction at the inlet of the turbine, resulting in a remarkable change in performance: solids are actively pulled into the cutters at the inlet instead of being repulsed by the external propeller flow. As a result, the amount of time and fuel spent to homogenize a crusted lagoon is drastically reduced.

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