Diarrhea is not a disease in iteself, but rather a symptom of an infection. Produced by the fermentation of bacteria, viruses or protozoas, diarrhea occurs in the large intestines.

Symptoms: Check the feces. Generally, feces wil be loose. Some infections have specific characteristcs:

  • Crytospordia = mucous-like feces
  • Salmonella = bloddy, fibrous or watery white feces

When it occurs: Age of occurence can help you determine the source of the infection. Use the chart.

Treatment: Use an oral rehydration product in addition to feeding milk, according to its label. If more than 10 percent of your calves have a scours infection, take fecal samples to find the cause. You may want to consider dry-cow vaccinations and management steps to eliminate the source.

Watch for dehydrated calves. Look for

  • sunken eyes
  • rough hair coat
  • legs that are cool to the touch
  • inelastic hair coat