Check the Internet for the latest developments in dairy genetics.

All of the major AI organizations list their sire lineups, based on the most recent U.S. Department of Agriculture sire summaries.

You can get detailed information about each sire. Many of the sites offer numerical scores for traits ranging from foot angle to dairy form, strength to udder depth - in addition to the more publicized PTA values for protein and milk yield.

The USDA's Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory offers useful information as well. Menus of active AI bulls available in the U.S., sorted by net merit dollars, cheese merit dollars and fluid merit dollars are available at:

And, menus of AI bulls distributed internationally, sorted by net merit dollars, PTA milk and PTA protein are available at:

Here are other sites, listed in alphabetical order:

ABS Global

Accelerated Genetics

Alta Genetics

American Jersey Cattle Assn.


Holstein Association

ReQuest Ltd.

Select Sires

Semex USA

Sire Power

World-Wide Sires