Dairy Herd Management has teamed up with ReQuest, Ltd. of Madison, Wis., to provide you with the latest sire summary data. The top Holstein bulls for PTA protein, PTA net merit and PTA milk pounds are listed below. Information was obtained from the National Association of Animal Breeders' November 1998 sire data.

PROTEIN/LBS (by NAAB code, short name)
97HO4 CELSIUS 110 lbs protein
11HO3243 BELLWOOD 92 lbs protein
29HO7949 DECISION 90 lbs protein
122HO2065 SAYRE 90 lbs protein
1HO3705 DOCTOR TOD 89 lbs protein
7HO4985 AMEL 88 lbs protein
1HO3365 GLENWOOD 88 lbs protein
14HO2090 MANFRED 87 lbs protein
9HO2071 BUZZAAR 86 lbs protein
7HO4523 GOLDFINGER 85 lbs protein
7HO4638 TERRY 85 lbs protein
151HO516 MONET-RED 84 lbs protein
1HO3632 DUNCAN 82 lbs protein
7HO4295 THAD 82 lbs protein
1HO4616 JEFF 82 lbs protein
1HO4333 DEMAND 81 lbs protein
1HO4673 GIDEON 81 lbs protein
7HO4624 SPACE 81 lbs protein
7HO4351 BARLO 81 lbs protein
1HO3657 NED 81 lbs protein
14HO2402 LUCK 80 lbs protein
1HO777 ANDREW 80 lbs protein
7HO4880 PROTON 79 lbs protein
29HO7702 CORKY 79 lbs protein
1HO4438 CHALLENGER 79 lbs protein
158HO31 GALAXY 78 lbs protein
7HO4956 CONTENDER 78 lbs protein
100HO8213 CASUAL 78 lbs protein
29HO7988 WORLD 77 lbs protein
1HO975 DRACULA 77 lbs protein
7HO4637 WINCHESTER 77 lbs protein
7HO4937 BUBBA 77 lbs protein
29HO7324 EMERY 77 lbs protein
97HO2 LABELLE*BL 77 lbs protein
9HO1976 STEALTH 76 lbs protein
97HO3 JIMTOWN 76 lbs protein
29HO7673 MATTIE 76 lbs protein
14HO2224 BROCK 75 lbs protein
1HO3616 SHADE 75 lbs protein
14HO2288 SCORE 75 lbs protein
11HO3562 FORMATION 75 lbs protein
122HO2067 BUTCH 75 lbs protein
7HO4907 WESLANE 75 lbs protein
14HO2362 BOAGY 74 lbs protein
1HO2993 BONANZA 74 lbs protein
7HO4754 DELLO 74 lbs protein
29HO7791 GIOVANNI 73 lbs protein

NETMERIT (by NAAB code, short name)
97HO4 CELSIUS 300 net merit
7HO4295 THAD 269 net merit
14HO2090 MANFRED 263 net merit
11HO3243 BELLWOOD 260 net merit
7HO4638 TERRY 260 net merit
7HO4637 WINCHESTER 253 net merit
1HO3365 GLENWOOD 248 net merit
29HO7949 DECISION 242 net merit
7HO4937 BUBBA 241 net merit
7HO4523 GOLDFINGER 241 net merit
1HO3705 DOCTOR TOD 236 net merit
7HO4951 MEADOWLANE 235 net merit
122HO2065 SAYRE 234 net merit
7HO4985 AMEL 231 net merit
1HO3616 SHADE 230 net merit
11HO3562 FORMATION 229 net merit
14HO2402 LUCK 228 net merit
14HO2403 SHANE 227 net merit
7HO4211 MAJIC 226 net merit
1HO4616 JEFF 222 net merit
7HO4880 PROTON 222 net merit
151HO516 MONET-RED 221 net merit
7HO4956 CONTENDER 221 net merit
14HO2288 SCORE 219 net merit
14HO2240 SPARKLE 219 net merit
29HO7324 EMERY 219 net merit
1HO4673 GIDEON 219 net merit
14HO2447 BULLET 218 net merit
7HO4624 SPACE 218 net merit
1HO4735 POWER PLAY 217 net merit
1HO3632 DUNCAN 216 net merit
29HO7673 MATTIE 216 net merit
1HO4316 AMBITION 216 net merit
29HO7988 WORLD 215 net merit
29HO7538 MARLOW 214 net merit
29HO8591 CLASSIC 214 net merit
1HO777 ANDREW 213 net merit
97HO3 JIMTOWN 213 net merit
1HO3390 EDDIE 213 net merit
97HO2 LABELLE*BL 213 net merit
14HO2483 RUSHMORE 211 net merit
1HO4333 DEMAND 210 net merit
29HO7702 CORKY 210 net merit
9HO2033 SLICK 209 net merit
9HO2038 GABLE 209 net merit
7HO4351 BARLO 208 net merit
76HO158 WINNER 207 net merit
1HO4480 METRO 207 net merit
29HO9734 GROVER 207 net merit
29HO9500 BOSCO 207 net merit
9HO2071 BUZZAAR 207 net merit

MILK/LBS (by NAAB code, short name)
1HO3705 DOCTOR TOD 3030 lbs milk
11HO3243 BELLWOOD 2991 lbs milk
151HO516 MONET-RED 2955 lbs milk
97HO4 CELSIUS 2930 lbs milk
7HO4637 WINCHESTER 2911 lbs milk
7HO4937 BUBBA 2856 lbs milk
7HO4638 TERRY 2712 lbs milk
29HO795 MEGA-RED 2694 lbs milk
7HO4351 BARLO 2669 lbs milk
11HO3562 FORMATION 2659 lbs milk
14HO2288 SCORE 2643 lbs milk
122HO2065 SAYRE 2623 lbs milk
14HO2090 MANFRED 2595 lbs milk
9HO2033 SLICK 2569 lbs milk
7HO4523 GOLDFINGER 2569 lbs milk
1HO3657 NED 2536 lbs milk
14HO2402 LUCK 2529 lbs milk
14HO2382 FUNK 2516 lbs milk
14HO2362 BOAGY 2496 lbs milk
7HO4985 AMEL 2496 lbs milk
1HO904 UTAH 2494 lbs milk
1HO3616 SHADE 2468 lbs milk
29HO8745 MAESTRO 2467 lbs milk
1HO777 ANDREW 2464 lbs milk
14HO2403 SHANE 2457 lbs milk
7HO4956 CONTENDER 2453 lbs milk
29HO7538 MARLOW 2436 lbs milk
1HO4735 POWER PLAY 2433 lbs milk
1HO4673 GIDEON 2422 lbs milk
7HO4211 MAJIC 2420 lbs milk
14HO2240 SPARKLE 2419 lbs milk
97HO3 JIMTOWN 2418 lbs milk
29HO8930 ARLINDA 2402 lbs milk
7HO4295 THAD 2370 lbs milk
7HO4907 WESLANE 2365 lbs milk
14HO2483 RUSHMORE 2363 lbs milk
1HO3632 DUNCAN 2356 lbs milk
14HO2447 BULLET 2344 lbs milk
7HO4412 FASHION 2341 lbs milk
9HO2025 BUCKLEY 2340 lbs milk
7HO4624 SPACE 2336 lbs milk
44HO187 HALLMARK-RED2335 lbs milk
1HO4480 METRO 2333 lbs milk
1HO4616 JEFF 2327 lbs milk
9HO1976 STEALTH 2314 lbs milk
29HO7396 MR HARDY 2314 lbs milk
44HO167 CHEEKO 2307 lbs milk
122HO2067 BUTCH 2305 lbs milk
1HO975 DRACULA 2291 lbs milk