At the Minnesota Nutrition Conference in September, Trevor DeVries provided plenty of research on feed-bunk management. DeVries, dairy scientist at the University of Guelph in Canada, has written several research papers on the subject. Among his take-home messages: Delivering fresh feed ? and the timing of it ? is more important than pushing it back up to the bunk once it’s been distributed. And, increased frequency of feed delivery helps keep cows at the bunk. These differences are highlighted in two Journal of Dairy Science articles, one titled "Frequency of Feed Delivery Affects the Behavior of Lactating Dairy Cows" and one titled "Short Communication: Diurnal Feeding Pattern of Lactating Dairy Cows." 

Giving cows more space at the feed bunk helps, as well. When you follow this link, you will see there is a dramatic drop in cows displaced at the bunk when they are given 1 meter of space rather than 0.5 meter. A new feed bunk design, known as the “feed stall,” improved time at the feed bunk.