Frontier Equipment has introduced a new line of header transports – ideal for field-to-field or highway transport of your combine’s flex platform, rigid platform, draper platform, or corn head. Two new header transports are available – the HT11 and HT12 Series.

Whether you’re a producer who needs a reliable way to move your combine platforms and corn heads from field to field, or a large custom harvester who must transport multiple heads on the highway between jobs, Frontier header transports are a practical and affordable solution to get the job done.

HT11 and HT12 Series Header Transports each feature five models available in lengths ranging from 24 up to 42 feet. The HT11 Series are ideal for field-to-field transport. The HT12 Series are built for highway transport, are licensable, and come with highway trailer markings and lights.

“Our new header transports are standard equipped with a state-of-the-art tricycle front axle for added stability," says Michael Horrell, Frontier Equipment sales and marketing manager. "Each transport also comes with a single rear-torsion flex-axle suspension for smooth towing as the transport is pulled across a rough field or down rough roads."

On the HT12 Series, brakes are standard equipment on a single rear axle. For extra stopping power, you can add an additional brake option for all axles. Rear-wheel fenders on the HT12 Series are also included to help prevent rocks and other road debris from being thrown during transport. Plus, each model is equipped with adjustable-sliding brackets so you can carry most heads on the same transport.

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Source: Frontier Equipment news release