During tough times, blogs Mike Masnick of Techdirt, business schools suggest that you focus on your business’s core competencies. But how boring is that? That’s probably not why you got in the dairy business, or why you stay in it.

The idea should be to focus on what gets you fired up in the morning, he says. “Running a small business is tough, and we all have days where it’s tough to face the day at all. But none of us would be running a small business if there weren’t some fire burning inside of us. The focus should be on what makes that fire burn brightest.”

So, don’t just sit around and write out what your core competencies are, he adds. “Take a step back, look deep into your soul, and figure out what it is inside of you that burns the brightest. What is it about the business you’re running that gets you fired up the most? What make you eager to start the day, and loathe to finish it because there’s just that much more that you can and want to do?”

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