Even in today’s economy, grant money is available for value-added ag projects. Grants can help you take an idea and translate it into a plan, complete with marketing, and eventually turn it into a viable business.

You just have to know how to apply for them.

Iowa State University has developed a step-by-step process to help. Experts caution that each grant may require a slightly different process, so follow directions carefully. But, these steps will get you headed in the right direction.

The steps include:

  • Background information — why do you need a grant.
  • Proposal components — including executive summary, statement of need and project description, as well as supporting documentation.

Click here for specific details on these steps, as well as for additional resources.

Keep in mind that grant writing takes time, persistence and patience. It can take up to a year to hear back about an application. Or the application may be rejected at any time for any reason. However, grants do offer a way to transform a dream into reality, and are worth pursuing.