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Continue to look for the zebra

Last December, I wrote an article about looking for the unlikely or unexpected. The saying to remember is “when you hear hoof beats, look for the horse, not the zebra.” FULL STORY »

The euthanasia treatment protocol

Death is an unfortunate reality of livestock production. Ohio veterinarian Fred Gingrich offers advice on determining when euthanasia is appropriate, and how to do it humanely. FULL STORY »

Common sense makes good cents

There are many management practices we can do that cost nothing or very little. All we have to do is pay attention to details. FULL STORY »

Dehorning done right

There are some jobs on the dairy that most people do not enjoy doing.... dehorning cattle probably falls into this category. FULL STORY »

When you hear hoof beats ...

While in veterinary school, we were taught about many different diseases and the signs associated with those diseases. Some were common and others were very uncommon or exotic. FULL STORY »

‘So, what’s new?’

This was the start of a conversation that I have had with my regular Monday morning client for the past several years. I’d shrug and say “Nothin’, how about with you?” FULL STORY »

Managing abortions on your dairy

Tremendous effort and resources are put toward reproductive management on our dairy farms. Knowing how to evaluate and minimize the risks of abortions in your cows is an important part of your reproductive program. FULL STORY »

The goal: pregnant cows

The goal on any dairy should be to get cows pregnant. The metric we need to evaluate to determine if we are reaching this goal is the 21-day pregnancy rate. FULL STORY »

Summer disease

Ahhh…. I love summer. The heat, flies, sweat, insatiable urges to drink massive quantities of Gatorade or to cool off in the nearest water trough. FULL STORY »

Veterinary oversight for dairy farms

Recently, the FDA released several “guidance documents” that have established their current and future policy regarding the use of antimicrobial drugs in food-producing animals. FULL STORY »

Should she stay or should she go?

As we take the time to discuss culling strategies on many dairies, it becomes evident that there are many opportunities to optimize profitability with more systematic, data-driven decisions. FULL STORY »

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