Health Column

Re-examine your fresh cow routine

It’s commonplace on some farms to give a fresh cow a bottle of calcium just after calving. FULL STORY »

A wealth of health information

When milk prices declined, parts of the country saw dramatic decreases in the number of dairy herds that participated in Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) testing. FULL STORY »

Start her off right

We often invest much time, effort and money into getting cows pregnant, but take little time or effort taking care of that pregnancy once it comes time for the calf to enter the world. FULL STORY »

Publicity you don’t need

We generally like to think that having our name in print is a good thing. FULL STORY »

Avoid milk and meat residues

USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service now publishes a list of all farms that have residue violations for meat, poultry and egg products. FULL STORY »

What’s new for you to review?

The 42nd annual conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners was held in September. During the program, more than 45 research summaries were presented; here are five with relevant take-home messages. FULL STORY »

10 profit priorities

Given the slow recovery of milk prices, it is difficult to suggest in this column “how to improve profits.” FULL STORY »

A lame excuse

Recent studies indicate that at any given time 30 percent of dairy cows suffer from some sort of lameness. FULL STORY »

Calf scours treatment review

I recently taught a herd-health course to local dairy producers and employees. We spent a considerable amount of time reviewing treatment protocols for common disease, with participants sharing their opinions and actions. FULL STORY »

A fly on the wall

Hi, my name is Stomoxys calcitrans. If you don’t speak scientific, my common name is Stable Fly. FULL STORY »

Responsibility required

In my experience, dairy farmers are hard-working, honest people who place great value on personal responsibility. It is unfortunate that we have seen news reports lately that criticize all of animal agriculture. FULL STORY »

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