Lameness and hoof health in general have become a major focus throughout the dairy industry. Lack of good on-farm data has been a major bottleneck as producers strive to reduce and eliminate lameness. Hoof Supervisor is a chute-side data recording system that will allow the trimmer, vetrinarian, nutritionist and herd manager to better understand the main issues causing lameness on the dairy.

Hoof Supervisor's rugged computer technology provides security for your data in extreme environments. This ruggedized touchscreen provides a convenient system to record lame events by lesion and location. Lesion data can then be analyzed by the time of year, pen and the stage of lactation. This data will provide you with the information necessary to diagnose the problem and also find and eliminate the cause.

No more manure stained papers that attempt to describe what was discovered during a trim session. Now Hoof Supervisor can provide you with reports and graphs that give clarity to your hoof health program.

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