Letters To The Editor

California High-Speed Rail Authority letter to the editor

It is no wonder that the approach of high-speed rail brings the kind of questions that have surrounded every major new development from the telephone to the interstate. While other countries have been enjoying high-speed rail for decades, California is leading the way with the first American system. But we aren’t going it alone. FULL STORY »

Letter to the editor | Michael Pedreiro

My name is Michael Pedreiro and I am the Executive VP and COO of Dairy Production Systems. I am in charge of 5 dairy farms milking 12,000 cows and employing about 190 people with a vast majority of them being of Hispanic descent. FULL STORY »

Letter to the editor | DG

I am writing to voice my thoughts on the Understand Your Hispanic Workforce written by Megan Pierce. FULL STORY »

Letter to the editor | Carlos Risco

I want to thank you and Dairy Herd Management for the wonderful work that you do in helping our dairy producers manage their complex production systems. Dr. Tom Furhmann is indeed a valued and well respected colleague with vast experience in large dairy herd management and a person that I have a lot of respect for. I know that the article or Tom's input was not meant to be offensive. However, the article can be interpreted as such, particularly those of Latino origin or social scientist that work in the area of cultural diversity which is a very complex topic. FULL STORY »

Letter to the editor | Mark J. Thomas

As a veterinarian who is proficient in Spanish, I work very closely with the Hispanic population. Additionally I travel to Mexico on an annual basis to provide advocacy to our local workers. I was therefore a bit concerned with the article entitled “Understanding Your Hispanic Workforce” in the January issue. FULL STORY »

Letter to the editor | John Rosenow

I am a dairy farmer in Wisconsin and we have nine employees from Mexico. Shaun Duvall and I started an organization called Puentes/Bridges about 10 years ago to help us dairy farmers learn and understand the culture of our employees. The cornerstone is our annual trips to the villages where our employees have come from. I have gone five times and Shaun has led 10 to 15 trips so far. We have studied this issue at depth. We agree with most of what Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Fuhrmann said. FULL STORY »

Letter to the editor | Noa Roman-Muniz

This letter is intended as a response to the article “Understand your Hispanic Workforce” by Megan Pierce, published in the January 2011 issue of Dairy Herd Management. While more articles on the topic of cultural awareness are much needed and should benefit all in the dairy industry, I am very concerned about the tone of this piece and question its value. FULL STORY »

Letter to the editor | Shannon L. Archibeque-Engle

Thank you for raising the issue of cultural differences and awareness with your article Understand your Hispanic Workforce published in the January 2011 issue of Dairy Herd Management. FULL STORY »

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