Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice my thoughts on the Understand Your Hispanic Workforce written by Megan Pierce.

I am offended by the article and feel it was a poor choice to present the material as Megan did in the article. I think it reflects poorly on Dairy Herd Mgmt as well.

Are there cultural differences? By gosh, yes there are. I grew up in a border town and helped my grandfather with his farming and ranching. However, the way to approach these differences is to ask people to think about things like communication, preferences, life experiences, etc. The ethnocentric and stereotyped writing in this article only perpetuates a poor view of Hispanic workers; AND this is a problem because it only perpetuates the division between Anglos and Hispanics. Rather than a solution--which you and Megan might have intended--I think you have created a further problem. Allowing Anglos to feel justified in their beliefs of "lazy, undriven Mexicans" and at the same time limited the potential of very hard working individuals who are striving to be more.

I am disgusted. If you plan a revision or apology, then I would be glad to hear from you. If you plan to do nothing, then I plan to no longer follow your journal and share my disgust with others I know.

Concerned Coloradan,