A ‘toolbox’ for those facing foreclosure (Finance)
With millions of homeowners owing more on their homes than they are worth — and nearly two million homes actually foreclosed in the first half of the year — a new industry has sprung up – mortgage modification help.

Help for dealing with the dairy situation slated 
This is a turbulent, trying time for the U.S. dairy industry, with the dynamics

Things will get better, just not yet
When they descend down the Rockies on Interstate 70 east, truckers can see the lights of Denver ahead and the road may appear to be flattening out, which can make them optimistic that the long, arduous journey in low gear may be nearing an end.

Webinar series slated to help deal with economic conditions
“Ag in uncertain times” series runs from June through December.

Evaluate your financial health  
When was the last time you assessed your financial health?

When milk prices are low…. Get the most out of your dollars
A client walks up to Lynn Davis, inquiring, “The milk price is going down, isn’t there something we can cut out of the ration?”