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Obesity found to be a major factor accelerating puberty in girls

In the blame game of early onset puberty in girls, many fingers have pointed to "hormones in milk" as the culprit. The myth really got going when recombinant bovine somatotropin was approved for commercial use in 1994. Now, a review published in the Frontiers in Endocrinology points to other potential causes. FULL STORY »

One last gasp for milk production increases?

With heat and drought taking its toll on dairy farms, this could be the last time in 29 months that the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports a milk production increase. FULL STORY »

Class III milk prices could average $16.20 this year

The growth in milk production continues to put downward pressure on milk prices. FULL STORY »

Feed 9 billion people by 2050? Absolutely! Play video

New technologies, such as nutrigenomics, will become increasingly important.

With nutrigenomics, it may be possible to influence or control genetic expression in animals. Certain feed ingredients may be able to switch on genes in the animals, leading to improved production. FULL STORY »

Dairy industry says ‘yes’ to sustainability Play video

Sustainability has become a hot-button issue in the past few years and will only continue to grow in popularity in the near future. A new video points out not only the importance of sustainability but how the dairy industry is paving the way while continuing to feed a growing population. FULL STORY »

'We love the cows, we love taking care of them' Play video

A YouTube channel launched by the Center for Food Integrity takes viewers inside farms showing the work, technology and personality of farmers and ranchers across the country. FULL STORY »

Greek yogurt a rising star in dairy circles

Greek yogurt sales are going through the roof. According to National Public Radio, sales of Greek yogurt could reach $1.5 billion this year ― almost double last year’s sales. And, now there’s evidence that Greek yogurt is stealing some of the thunder from other food categories in the grocery store. FULL STORY »

Expectant mothers, load up on cheese!

Dental health begins in the womb. Researchers have found that babies born to women who consume cheese and other dairy products during pregnancy are likely to have better dental health than babies born to non-dairy-consumers. FULL STORY »

Milk: Wonder beverage for teenage girls

Milk-drinking teenage girls were more likely to have less body fat and a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) than peers who don’t drink milk, according to a study published in the European Journal of Pediatrics. The results weren’t limited to low-fat milk; girls who consumed whole milk showed the same results. FULL STORY »

Talk about transparency!

At some of the farm meetings this spring, the subject of “transparency” has come up. FULL STORY »

Yogurt key to sexier, slimmer mice

Those looking to improve their love life may find an unlikely ally in the dairy aisle — yogurt. FULL STORY »

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