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Obesity found to be a major factor accelerating puberty in girls

In the blame game of early onset puberty in girls, many fingers have pointed to "hormones in milk" as the culprit. The myth really got going when recombinant bovine somatotropin was approved for commercial use in 1994. Now, a review published in the Frontiers in Endocrinology points to other potential causes. FULL STORY »

One last gasp for milk production increases?

With heat and drought taking its toll on dairy farms, this could be the last time in 29 months that the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports a milk production increase. FULL STORY »

Class III milk prices could average $16.20 this year

The growth in milk production continues to put downward pressure on milk prices. FULL STORY »

Talk about transparency!

At some of the farm meetings this spring, the subject of “transparency” has come up. FULL STORY »

Milk production up again in April

Milk production in the top 23 dairy states was up 3.3 percent in April compared to the same month a year earlier. Across the entire U.S., it was up 3.2 percent. FULL STORY »

A plug for dairy products on the Today Show

In April, the Today Show carried a couple of segments that encouraged the eating of cheese. FULL STORY »

Milk provides alternative to sugary fruit drinks

Sugary fruit drinks may be presented as healthy for kids, but, according to the spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), parents should instead turn to milk. FULL STORY »

Why BSE went so much better than pink slime

When a new case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was reported by the media in late April, the headlines weren’t too bad. FULL STORY »

NBA star featured in milk campaign

Carmelo Anthony, forward for the New York Knicks is no stranger to working hard to prepare for winning the game. FULL STORY »

This video makes you want to stand up

“Agriculturists – it’s time for use to stand up,” encourages Jasmine Dillon, a graduate student in animal breeding at Texas A&M University in a YouTube video. FULL STORY »

Yogurt key to sexier, slimmer mice

Those looking to improve their love life may find an unlikely ally in the dairy aisle — yogurt. FULL STORY »

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