In April, the Today Show carried a couple of segments that encouraged the eating of cheese.

In one of the segments — devoted to dietary myths and facts — an expert stated it as fact that dairy foods can promote weight loss.

However, pointed out Madelyn Fernstrom, diet and nutrition editor for the Today Show, there is a big “if” attached to that.

“The ‘if’ is you have to be in a calorie-controlled diet to begin with,” she said. “You have to trim your calories. So, it’s not magically adding dairy to what you already eat and adding calories. It’s replacing some of the calories you eat with dairy foods, low- and non-fat.”

Studies continue to show there is an association between dairy products and weight loss, Fernstrom pointed out, but she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it is about milk that causes that. “It could be the protein, it could be the milk solids, the stuff that makes milk white; there’s a lot of stuff in milk other than calcium,” she said.