Though her reign as Miss America may have ended, Teresa Scanlan will continue to be an advocate for agriculture.

A native of Nebraska, she embraced her agriculture background and established partnerships with several agriculture organizations during her reign, including The Hand That Feeds U.S., U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, and Real Farmers, Real Food.

In an article written for FoxNews, Scanlan pointed out the importance of agricultural producers.

“Can we feed a growing world population, fuel our economy, and still offer wholesome food choices to Americans? Sure, just as long as we avoid weakening the very infrastructure that makes it all possible,” Scanlan wrote.

In January, Scanlan passed her crown to Miss Wisconsin Laura Kaeppeler.

Despite the end of her reign as Miss America, Scanlan will continue to tell the story of agriculture. In the next few months, she will speak at a variety of conventions and conferences. Scanlan will also continue her partnership with The Hand That Feeds U.S.