Milk consumption has been on a steady decline. Today, the average person in the United States drinks 9 fewer gallons of milk on an annual basis than he or she did in the early 1970s.

Despite the trend, producers, restaurants and marketers have found a way to make milk more appealing, and that is through flavored milk — traditional chocolate and some not-so-traditional flavors like coffee, orange and root beer.

Last fall, Shatto Milk Company in Osborn, Mo., came out with coffee-flavored milk.

“It’s been a big hit,” says Barb Shatto. “It’s been phenomenal, actually. Our sales, so far, have exceeded expectations,” she adds.

Coffee-flavored milk plays off the recent trend in coffee specialty drinks, such as frappes and cappuccinos.

Shatto Milk Company also sells orange- and banana-flavored milk. The orange-flavored milk has a taste similar to an orange creamsicle.

"Kids think it’s fun (to have these flavors),” Shatto says. “It makes it more exciting for them.”