Last month, we presented research from Penn State on limit-fed heifers. It found that limit-feeding can cut manure excretion and improve feed efficiency, with no adverse impact on milk production. Meanwhile, research has been going on at the University of Wisconsin. In a trial at the UW’s Marshfield Agricultural Research Station, heifers that ate limited amounts of a nutrient-dense ration excreted less manure than control animals. The excretion rates of the limit-fed heifers were 5.8 pounds per day (dry-matter basis), compared to 7.7 pounds for the control heifers. That’s 30 pounds of wet feces per day versus 40 pounds, points out UW dairy scientist Pat Hoffman. “This is the key reason why we would want to explore this as a practice,” he told attendees at the Minnesota Nutrition Conference in September. Like the reseachers at Penn State, Hoffman found no adverse impact on milk production or performance.