Members and customers of Genex Cooperative Inc. have multiple choices for GenChoice sexed semen. While the current GenChoice product produces 90 percent heifer calves, the new “GenChoice 75” will produce 75 percent heifers. The new option comes with production efficiencies and therefore, a more favorable price tag for dairy producers.

GenChoice 75 offers all the great benefits of sexed semen – fewer calving difficulties, fewer freemartins, better biosecurity, greater opportunity for voluntary culls, and increased profit potential through high genetic merit replacements and merchandising prospects.

In addition, GenChoice 75 (indicated by the stud code 751) will provide producers with a larger lineup of sires with sexed semen available.

“GenChoice 75 will be an exciting addition and choice for our membership,” says Doug Wilson, Genex Chief Operating Officer, as he announced the new product to delegates at the cooperative’s annual meeting. “Utilization of new technologies, including the GenChoice products and genomics, will put our membership one step ahead. These technologies will directly impact their herd’s future profit levels.”

Both the 90 percent and 75 percent sexed semen products are produced by Sexing Technologies using the same technology and sorting process. Fertility is expected to be similar between both GenChoice options.

Genex is a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International, a member-owned holding cooperative, that is comprised of three subsidiaries: Central Livestock Association, AgSource Cooperative Services and Genex.

Source: Genex news release