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Develop a pre-harvest checklist for corn silage

From equipment and storage maintenance to planning for moisture testing, many harvest factors contribute to silage quality, yield, overall animal health and productivity throughout the year. FULL STORY »

Keep track of lame cows

One of the keys to good data collection is to make recordkeeping as simple as possible. FULL STORY »

Damaged electrical panels can be dangerous

Reports of copper thefts across the country are increasing. Weimer Ranch in Modesto, Calif., was recently faced with the task of repairing some pumps that were vandalized during a copper theft. FULL STORY »

A license for nutrition

Is your nutritionist certified by the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists? Similar to taking the bar exam to practice law, ARPAS is a species-specific examination that certifies professionalanimal scientists. There are currently more than 1,500 members in the U.S. FULL STORY »

Hiring non-skilled dairy farm personnel

The number of workers available with farm backgrounds continues to decrease. Many producers are looking at workers with non-farm backgrounds to meet their needs. FULL STORY »

Net Farm Income, a tool for transition

There are many facets to the farm transition discussion. How do you bring a new person into the farm business? Will the farm need to milk more cows? How many more cows? FULL STORY »

Dairy workers’ skills training modules available

Dairy farms need to hire employees who can provide skills to complete the many tasks associated with the various aspects of the dairy operation. FULL STORY »

Get acquainted with your team members

If you have a small team, you should know the first and last names of all your team members, where they live, and other such details, advises Lighthouse Leadership in Spring Valley, Wis. FULL STORY »

Wisconsin is still the big cheese

With 25 percent of the nation’s production, Wisconsin maintained its ranking as the nation’s top cheese producing state in 2010. FULL STORY »

Bilingual non-ambulatory cattle management training program now online

Beef and dairy producers, veterinarians and other people involved with animal agriculture condemn willful acts of animal abuse. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Is agriculture useless?

I’ll admit I was more than a little ticked when I first saw that three ag-related degrees made The Daily Beast’s “Twenty most useless college degrees”. I have many friends and colleagues who majored in agriculture, horticulture and animal science, and know that what they do and the knowledge they possess are anything but useless. FULL STORY »

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Forage Tracker

Works with the multi-purpose GT 460 to provide superior tracking capabilities from first cutting haylage through late-season corn. It is ... Read More

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