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'Atlas' shows corn gene expression information

Just as a road atlas helps travelers find their way, a new corn atlas will help plant scientists navigate vast amounts of gene expression data from the corn plant, as described in the May 10 issue of The Plant Journal. FULL STORY »

Financial management with high prices

Rarely do many agricultural producers see above average prices for both grains and livestock at the same time. Even though prices of feed, seed and fertilizer are also at historical highs, many farm families may find themselves with more than the usual amount of cash left over in 2011. FULL STORY »

Late planting's impact on corn and soybean insects

Questions are surfacing about the impact of late planting on key insect pests of corn and soybeans, says Mike Gray, University of Illinois extension entomologist. Based upon the progress of planting this spring, Gray said he can understand the interest. FULL STORY »

Class IV options set all-time volume record

It wasn’t another quiet CME spot cheese market session, nor another lackluster volume day, in Class III that caught traders’ attention yesterday (although those were present), but rather Class IV options. 1,208 Class IV options traded Tuesday to post an all-time record volume and open interest. FULL STORY »

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe testifies before Congress

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe testified in Congress about how disconnected Americans in general have become from the people who produce their food, fix their pipes, make their clothes, etc. FULL STORY »

Readers critical of SCC decision

On Friday, Dairy Herd Network asked how you felt about the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments decision last week not to lower that national standard for somatic cell counts (SCC) to 400,000 cells per ml. Apparently that decision didn’t sit well with many of you. By a nearly three-to-one margin, poll respondents to this non-scientific poll said that they did not support the choice to leave national standards where they are. FULL STORY »

Class III trade eerily quiet, butter weakens

A silent spot market with no trades, no bids and no offers - the futures market felt that way all day long, as just 360 trades occurred on the day. Prices traded mixed throughout the session, unable to sustain a move in either direction but ultimately closing mostly higher. FULL STORY »

Should you switch corn variety maturity?

Due to recent wet weather across parts of the Corn Belt, growers anxiously await planting the 2011 corn crop. These delays can limit the number of growing days from the crop, prompting questions about switching to earlier hybrids. FULL STORY »

Block cheese ended last week at $1.6475

Class III milk and cheese have failed to rally in the past week, but have also held up well while surrounded by outside markets that collapsed - grains, metals, energies, etc. Chart after chart on milk and cheese show clear consolidation following what was a large price increase. But sellers have not yet shown any panic. FULL STORY »

Researchers say lactose intolerance more psychological

MailOnline reports findings by Italian researchers shows lactose intolerance and other food allergies may be more psychological, affecting people dealing with stress, anxiety or depression. FULL STORY »

Can corn prices rebound again?

The corn market has been the “poster child” for the sharp increase in agricultural commodity prices that began last summer and extended into the spring of 2011. FULL STORY »

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