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Sunscreens: Is SPF 100 twice as good as SPF 50?

SPF refers to the ability of a sunscreen to block ultraviolet B (UVB) rays which cause sunburns but does not address UVA rays which are more closely linked to deeper skin damage. FULL STORY »

Do you operate from myth or fact?

Research shows that, while motivating employees is extremely important to a majority of managers and supervisors, many operate from myth-based beliefs—and their businesses/companies may be suffering the consequences. FULL STORY »

Poll: Weather-related issues with spring forage crops

-Too wet
-Too dry
-No problems
-Don't know yet

Commentary: What is the next big 'food revolution'?

Food has had a powerful influence on world history. It’s exciting to think what the next chapter will be. FULL STORY »

First cheese sale at CME in a week

June was the only big Class III mover in futures price yesterday, having gained 36 cents alongside a spot cheese market that continued an aggressive move higher. The market is showing signs of believing cheese price will move higher by adding premium in June, but also showing its doubts of long-term sustainability by trading mixed beyond the month of June. FULL STORY »

Class III bounces on spot bids and butter barn burner

Another thousand-plus trading session and this time encouraged by a strong sport session, prices once again continued their rally. Monday we saw the nervousness of buyers, selling at the concern cheese didn’t rally enough. Yesterday we saw their conviction. FULL STORY »

Class III turns lower, butter heads skyward

After opening sharply higher on heavy volume Sunday night, the Class III rally that posted new contract highs from June 2011 through March 2012 failed by mid-day Monday after uncertainty of Chicago Mercantile Exchange cash session activity gave way to only modest gains. The CME spot market was all bark and no bite as bids raised the price of blocks and barrels up .50 and .25, respectively. That was not enough support to warrant the kind of gains we saw in the overnight futures session and with that both speculative and producer selling ensued. Prices retreated from their fresh highs closing +.01 to -.18 cents in 2011 on a more moderate 1,214 contract volume. FULL STORY »

Study shows high dairy intake won’t add to risk of heart disease

A recent study at Brown University shows a diet rich with milk, cheese and butter products do not increase risk of heart disease despite high saturated fat and some nutrients in dairy products even prevent heart disease. FULL STORY »

Farmers: say “yes” when local schools call

Local agricultural experiences can leave lasting impressions on youth. FULL STORY »

Class III rally leaves spot prices behind

There was a lot of volatility on class III futures during Friday’s session but the movement was all up, with prices higher on the day. Huge volume traded with 2,500 contracts on the day; prices were sharply higher throughout the morning with July at one point trading 64 higher to 19.00 before pulling back into the spot session with prices 10 to 30 higher. After spot traded up through 1.70 and closed with no trades and no offers for a short time it looked as though prices would hold their pre spot levels but steady buying throughout the remainder of the session pushed prices with 21- to 60-cent gains from June through November. FULL STORY »

Why is the vitamin D in dairy important? Play video

Vitamin D is one of those wonderful things we have that can make such a difference in a person's life. Unfortunately most people have low vitamin D levels because they don't have enough dairy in their diet. FULL STORY »

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