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Class III rebounds, butter under pressure

A day after a market price collapse, spot prices were steady for blocks and only a half cent lower for barrels. This gave the market the confidence it needed to rally back and hard. We attributed the sell off from Wednesday to two factors; 1) CME stock revisions 2) outside market weakness. Following outside market influences occurred for a second day yesterday as prices for “things” fell and rallied back in most markets, dairy included. FULL STORY »

Say adios to La Niña

After an April and early May that brought record rainfall to much of the Midwest, climatologists agree the weather pattern is improving somewhat. La Niña is the weather pattern keeping much of the Midwest wet, and keeping much of the Southern Great Plains hot, dry and dusty. “We’ve come through a strong La Niña event that is now weakening fairly rapidly, says Jeff Andresen, state of Michigan climatologist and Michigan State University associate professor of geography. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Consumers more confident of food safety

Maybe, just maybe, food safety messages are starting to sink in with consumers. A recent trend report seems to show that people are taking more ownership of their responsibilities when it comes to food safety and health. FULL STORY »

Financial management with high prices

Rarely do many agricultural producers see above average prices for both grains and livestock at the same time. Even though prices of feed, seed and fertilizer are also at historical highs, many farm families may find themselves with more than the usual amount of cash left over in 2011. FULL STORY »

Poll: Do you support laws that make taking undercover videos on livestock farms a crime?

While several state legislatures ponder bans on undercover videos on livestock operations, others say agriculture should be more transparent and open, not defensive. Do you support laws that make taking undercover videos on livestock farms a crime?

-Not Sure

Late planting's impact on corn and soybean insects

Questions are surfacing about the impact of late planting on key insect pests of corn and soybeans, says Mike Gray, University of Illinois extension entomologist. Based upon the progress of planting this spring, Gray said he can understand the interest. FULL STORY »

'Atlas' shows corn gene expression information

Just as a road atlas helps travelers find their way, a new corn atlas will help plant scientists navigate vast amounts of gene expression data from the corn plant, as described in the May 10 issue of The Plant Journal. FULL STORY »

Dairy futures collapse on found butter

Class III got started lower right from the start this morning pulled down mostly by collapsing outside markets. The butter stocks revision was one thing that caused prices there to fall the limit and NFDM revisions caused the bids to practically disappear from early this morning. When the grain report was bearish, class III started to move lower falling 10 to 25 cents early before the spot session. FULL STORY »

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe testifies before Congress

Dirty Jobs' Mike Rowe testified in Congress about how disconnected Americans in general have become from the people who produce their food, fix their pipes, make their clothes, etc. FULL STORY »

Class IV options set all-time volume record

It wasn’t another quiet CME spot cheese market session, nor another lackluster volume day, in Class III that caught traders’ attention yesterday (although those were present), but rather Class IV options. 1,208 Class IV options traded Tuesday to post an all-time record volume and open interest. FULL STORY »

Class III trade eerily quiet, butter weakens

A silent spot market with no trades, no bids and no offers - the futures market felt that way all day long, as just 360 trades occurred on the day. Prices traded mixed throughout the session, unable to sustain a move in either direction but ultimately closing mostly higher. FULL STORY »

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