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Corn gene provides resistance to multiple diseases

Researchers at North Carolina State University have found a specific gene in corn that appears to be associated with resistance to three important plant leaf diseases. In a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, NC State plant pathologists and crop scientists pinpoint the gene — glutathione S-transferase — that seems to confer resistance to Southern leaf blight, gray leaf spot and Northern leaf blight, a trio of diseases that cripple corn plants worldwide. FULL STORY »

Good news about FMD

A new study of foot-and-mouth disease shows that cattle afflicted with the virus are only infectious for a brief window of time — about half as long as previously thought. This finding suggests that the controversial control measures used to halt the disease's spread, such as killing large numbers of livestock, could be reduced. FULL STORY »

Widespread commodity sell-off, U.S. dollar skyward

It was a day of removing risk, seemingly form every portfolio on Earth; dairy did not go completely unscathed. The market opened weak and, despite modestly rising cheese prices, futures remained weak into the close. Corn weighed on dairy prices, so did the increasing U.S. dollar value which had its single biggest one-day price increase in over six months. FULL STORY »

What is your opinion on the decision not to lower the U.S. SCC regulatory level to 400,000 cells/ml?

Yes / No / Not Sure FULL STORY »

Commentary: Another missed opportunity to improve milk quality

When one of our readers heard that the somatic cell count standard in the U.S. won’t be upgraded to 400,000 cells/ml, he responded: “Get in the game folks !!! If other countries can easily achieve and abide by the 400,000 SCC standard and do it within as harsh environmental conditions as any State, then don't use that excuse to say it can't be done. 400,000 SCC is achievable. If there is a will, then there is a way. Get in the game folks !!!” We agree. FULL STORY »

Dairy industry defends flavored milk

Chocolate milk is in the headlines again. After a number of schools banned flavored milk from school cafeterias in the past year, these dairy products are returning to some lunch trays, albeit with somewhat modified formulas. FULL STORY »

Milk production grows for 14th straight month

Milk production in the top 23 milk-producing states totaled 15.8 billion pounds in March, up 2.4 percent from the same month a year earlier. FULL STORY »

Top dietary trends that could impact dairy

The Dairy Council of California has identified dietary and consumer trends that are likely to impact the dairy industry in the next one to three years. FULL STORY »

Disinfectants 101

Six considerations when selecting and using a disinfectant. FULL STORY »

Avoid the ‘overnutrition syndrome’

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t overfeed dry cows. But new research from the University of Illinois helps to quantify some of the reasons why. FULL STORY »

Allow heifers to adjust to free-stalls

You know that animals need some time to adjust when moved to free-stall facilities for the first time, but there’s been little research to explain what’s really going on. So, researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada decided to find out. FULL STORY »

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