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Dairy trade isolated from financial market declines, but not ignoring them

Sunday’s evening session started higher, but the debt downgrade panic that inspired a 600 + point drop on the DOW crept ever so slightly into dairy and prices slipped early. Once the spot cheese session kicked off and buyers were nowhere to be found, the futures slide began in force. FULL STORY »

Study shows nutrients in milk decrease threat of skin cancer

KMVT-TV reports nutrients in milk, including Vitamin D and Calcium help to prevent skin cancer by up to 57 percent. FULL STORY »

Block cheese unchanged at $2.1325


How to deal with whiners

We all have different trigger points when the hair on the back of our neck rises and we have the strong desire to flee the room. FULL STORY »

Quantifying nutrition’s influence on reproduction

A dairy cow’s nutrition program has a profound effect on reproductive success. Although poor heat detection, insemination practices, diseases, toxins and other management-related problems can cause declines in reproductive performance, an inadequate ration with nutritional deficiencies and imbalances can be just as detrimental. FULL STORY »

Monitor what heat stress may be doing to milk

This has been a hot summer in many parts of the U.S. In addition to monitoring impact of heat stress on dry matter intake and milk production, it’s important to monitor milk composition, points out Maurice Eastridge, professor and extension dairy specialist at Ohio State University. FULL STORY »

Freeze syringe guns to retard pathogens

At a holstein feedlot in Atkinson, Neb., Kip Lukasiewicz encourages employees to keep syringe guns in the freezer in the treatment barn to help retard the growth of pathogens and molds between uses. FULL STORY »

Connect with consumers

Consumers are hungry for information about where their food comes from, since most consumers are three or four generations removed from the farm. FULL STORY »

Block cheese drops slightly to $2.1325

For the first time in months, open interest soared on a big price-declining day and it appeared that after having been quiet, producers came in selling yesterday. Nearly 400 of the 1,928 Class III contracts that traded Thursday did so Wednesday night in an unusual display of activity in the deferred contracts of 2012 FULL STORY »

Precision feeding a win-win

It didn’t take much to get Bob Peifer involved with “precision feeding.” FULL STORY »

Commentary: Risky business or manageable business risk?

Are you a risk taker or risk-averse? Well, if you’re a farmer, you must be a risk taker. After all, who else would try to run a business in the face of roller coaster markets, fluctuating government policies, unpredictable weather and challenging, if not deadly, working conditions? FULL STORY »

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