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Investments worth cultivating: Employees and training

Chuck Schwartau, Extension Educator, University of Minnesota was recently asked, “Is employee development a cost or an investment?” Find out what he had to say. FULL STORY »

Markets still focused on the hot weather

Heat remains the topic of choice and it’s not going away as DMN cited large drop-off in milk production and a recovery that might not materialize until fall. But weather markets often fade as quickly as they emerge. Still, sellers have stepped this week back on concerns over product availability later this year. In order for prices to cool, the weather might have to do so first. FULL STORY »

Commentary: One less thing to worry about

If you were worried about teaching your kids good eating habits, don’t be. There is absolutely no need to worry about instilling good eating habits into your children anymore because the government is going to take care of that for you. At least that appears to be the gist of some potential regulations on food and beverage advertising for children. Oh, and if any business tries to sell your child anything unhealthy, it will probably be sued. FULL STORY »

Poll: Have you taken any additional measures to deal with the recent heat stress?

- Added more waterers
- Increased fan/mister usage
- Added more shade
- Haven't done anything differently

Dairy cash markets stable Wednesday; futures consolidate

Many dairy market participants began pricing August milk yesterday, and as such they brought August futures up from their discount to move toward the still firm cheese market pricing calculations. There were no price increases in spot today — a break in the upward trend that began last Friday, but they were unchanged with two remaining bids. Right now, though, heat is the talk of the town, and it has brought to mind that some buyers are “stockpiling” just in case production decreases hit hard. FULL STORY »

Monetary policy not driving high ag commodity prices

A steep climb in agricultural commodities in the past year has been driven by supply and demand factors, not monetary policy, the U.S. government's chief economist said Tuesday. FULL STORY »

CME to push ahead with higher corn trading limits

The CME Group made it clear at a meeting that the exchange would go ahead with plans to raise the daily trading limits on corn futures despite strong opposition from many grain-handling companies. FULL STORY »

Bulls lose steam amid modest news Tuesday

Class III futures traded mostly lower early as the heavy volume trade continued. The spot market once again saw an uptick as buyers were aggressive but sellers brought more product to the exchange. When we settled, the block was up 2 cents at 2.1400 with 5 trades and barrels were up ½ a cent at 2.1150 with no trades. The spot sales that hit bids seemed to have deterred futures from rallying hard and instead helped inspire more of a consolidation trade at these lofty levels. Heat in the Midwest also underpinned futures. FULL STORY »

Nearly 50 percent of milk supply now under FARM umbrella

Today’s consumers want to know that the food they purchase is safe, wholesome, nutritious, and produced with integrity. FULL STORY »

Blocks higher again; Class III price spike continued Monday

Class III futures kicked off the new week with follow-through price strength inspired primarily by Friday’s dazzling display of support in the block cheese market and downright oppressive Midwest heat. It wasn’t hot enough to keep spot buyers away again today, as multiple bids carried the price of blocks to up 6.25 cents to $2.1200 where a trade occurred and the increasing bids stopped (barrels finished unchanged with 1 trade). Futures continued the parabolic panic spike from Friday pushing between .09 and .49 cents higher by the closing bell. FULL STORY »

Blocks do an about-face Friday; Class III prices spike

A tighter-than-expected short-term cheese picture collided with a massive Midwest heat dome Friday to propel Class III prices skyward. Friday morning, the futures markets did little to excite anyone before the spot market. Volume was strong and prices were mixed to weaker….. then came a spot session to change all of that. FULL STORY »

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