Consumers are hungry for information about where their food comes from, since most consumers are three or four generations removed from the farm. Through the use of social media, consumers can now connect directly to the farmers who produce it. Using social media may seem intimidating, but it’s really quite easy. Katie Pinke, strategic lead with AdFarm, shares these thought-starters to help you share your farm’s story with consumers.

•    The best thing about being (my role in ag) is…

•    (My role in ag) affects/connects/is important to consumers because…

•    (My role in ag) is unique because…

“Sometimes it’s hard for those of us in production agriculture to think of ourselves as unique, but with less than 2 percent of the population involved in production agriculture, you’re unique,” says Pinke.

Pinke also notes that blog content should vary like the content of a magazine.

•    Mix trends, issues, studies and humanizing.

•    Mix feature length and short.

•    Mix timely with timeless.

•    Mix text with video.

•    Mix personal with professional.