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Guardian now provides industry's only six-month DOI for E. coli (Herd Health)

Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health announced USDA approval of a label extension for its Guardian scours prevention vaccine. The new label approval affirms that Guardian provides six-month duration of immunity (DOI) for E. coli K99 protection. This positions Guardian as the only multi-valent bacterial and viral combination scours vaccine with six-month DOI for E. coli – the longest proven DOI on the market.

Onset introduces new temperature sensor (Facilities/Technology)

Onset has introduced the new TMC6-HE air temperature sensor. Ideal for a range of energy monitoring applications – from monitoring the efficiency of solar thermal systems to tracking building energy use — the sensor’s copper-plated probe ensures high-accuracy measurements and faster response time than previous models. The sensor can be easily attached to water pipes, hot water storage tanks, boilers and is compatible with a number of Onset HOBO U12 USB data loggers.

EZid releases electronic ear tag for cattle (Facilities/Technology)

EZid, a division of Avid Identification Systems, announced the U.S. release of its EZid HDX Electronic Ear Tag for cattle. The EZid ear tag provides RFID identification for use in feedlots, dairy parlors and cow/calf operations. The use of HDX technology delivers the industry’s longest read distance. And, unlike other tags on the market, the design of the EZid tag delivers maximum read performance from the side — allowing for easier, faster scans when using handheld or stationary readers. This electronic ear tag contains an ISO HDX transponder molded into an easy-to-read tag that features a unique identification number. Tag information can be easily read into Excel and Access spreadsheets or other industry management software, providing immediate access to individual animal records. These tags work with any ISO compliant HDX/FDX reader, making them easy to implement.

New vaccine combines viral protection and Lepto hardjo-bovis prevention in one vaccine (Herd Health)

Pfizer Animal Health has introduced Bovi-Shield GOLD HB, a new vaccine that takes reproductive protection to the next level. The newly-released Bovi-Shield GOLD HB combines five-way viral protection with the prevention of Leptospira borgpetersenii serovar Hardjo type Hardjo-bovis, commonly known as Lepto hardjo-bovis. Bovi-Shield GOLD HB provides superior protection against five major viral pathogens: IBR, PI3, BRSV and BVD Types 1 and 2. Combine that with the prevention of infection label claim for Lepto hardjo-bovis, and Bovi-Shield GOLD HB offers producers convenience and flexibility with one vaccine that can be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

Bio-Vet Introduces Biostart microbial paste (Nutrition)

Bio-Vet Inc. has introduced its new Biostart microbial and vitamin paste. Biostart paste contains high levels of live, beneficial microbial strains, enzymes, vitamins and nutritional ingredients. Biostart paste may be fed to beef and dairy cattle and calves, sheep, goats and horses. All ingredients may be considered for “certified organic” use.

New heifer management program (Calf Care)

Novartis Animal Health has introduced a new heifer management program called Healthy Heifer. Healthy Heifer is designed specifically to maximize the long term value of dairy replacement heifers through established health and management protocols. The program works to ensure heifers are well-prepared for a highly productive and profitable role on the dairy. Healthy Heifer is a veterinarian-verified management program that enables dairy heifers to reach their full genetic and reproductive potential by minimizing disease challenges. The program emphasizes prevention, rather than treatment, in order to reduce the risk of disease and other health setbacks that frequently inhibit heifer growth and reproductive performance. Healthy Heifer also focuses on proactively addressing environmental and management factors that have a direct effect on heifer development and performance.

Semex, Micro Dairy Logic team to offer 24-hour heat detection (Reproduction)

The system is available as a stand-alone device for herds under 600 cows, or as Heatime designed for the PC for herds over 600 cows. Both systems collect activity information on cows to determine normal activity levels. Once this base level is established, the control unit identifies cows that are displaying above or below average activity. The system is available with easy-to-use interfaces in English, Spanish and Dutch, enabling the user to review activity for each cow up to 60 days, or through her last two cycles.

Hubbard Feeds adds OptiPass Nutrients to Product Lineup (Nutrition)

Hubbard Feeds has announced the addition of a new line of encapsulated nutritional supplements. OptiPass Methionine, OptiPass Lysine, OptiPass Choline and OptiPass Multi-B are now part of Hubbard’s supplement portfolio. The encapsulation on each of these four nutrients allows for passage through the rumen to the small intestine where the cow can optimally utilize it. Each of the four OptiPass nutrients are coated using a unique encapsulation process called Micropearls. Micropearls is a spray freezing technique that uses very low temperatures (minus 76 degrees F) to embed the ingredients in a vegetable polymer matrix that results in a microgranule resistant to degradation in the rumen. Once past the rumen, the microgranules are subject to normal digestive processes in the abomasum and small intestine, allowing for release and absorption of the nutrients.

DCAD Plus approved by OMRI for use in organic production (Nutrition)

Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition announced DCAD Plus Feed Grade Potassium Carbonate has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic production. DCAD Plus is specifically formulated for use in lactating dairy cattle rations to provide a high-quality potassium source and boost ration dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) levels.

Frontier Equipment introduces new combine header transports (Equipment)

Ideal for field-to-field or highway transport of your combine’s flex platform, rigid platform, draper platform or corn head. Two new header transports are available – the HT11 and HT12 Series. HT11 and HT12 Series Header Transports each feature five models available in lengths ranging from 24 up to 42 feet. The HT11 Series are ideal for field-to-field transport. The HT12 Series are built for highway transport, are licensable, and come with highway trailer markings and lights.