Protecting your farm begins with deciding who belongs on your farm, and who doesn’t, says Dean Ross, extension dairy educator for southeast Michigan. That means you must control or restrict access — especially in vital areas like livestock housing, feed and seed storage, milk tanks, and chemical and fuel storage. Here are four ways to begin:
1. Limit entry to your farm to one route. If possible, use a second route for exit only. Close all other points of entry.
2. Develop a visitors’ policy. Have all visitors sign in your guest book. This maintains a record of individual names and companies, arrival and departure times, and purpose of the visit.
3. Lock all tractors, harvesting equipment and spraying equipment when not in use to prevent vandalism or unauthorized use.
4. Instill a sense of “awareness” in employees and family members. Empower them to make it their business to know who is on the farm at all times.