Before Don Niles became co-owner/manager of Dairy Dreams LLC in Casco, Wis., he was a consultant to other dairies around the country. Now, as a dairy manager, he sees that he, too, can benefit from using consultants.

“Where I need to use consultants varies depending on what situation we are facing,” says Niles.

He lists the following reasons for using consultants.

  • A fresh, outside perspective. A different set of eyes can sometimes spot things that you have overlooked.
  • Specific skills, such as in-depth financial analysis.
  • A skill set that complements that of the owner. While Niles can balance a ration, he still uses a consulting nutritionist because “he has a much deeper understanding of animal nutrition and, therefore, can do more than I,” he says.
  • Problem-solving.  If you haven’t been able to overcome a problem, or have not solved it to your satisfaction, this is a great time to bring in a consultant to help you really nail the solution.