If you are going to use bulls, make sure you train your employees to recognize signs of aggression.

If you are going to use bulls on the dairy farm, then everyone must know and adhere to these five rules, stresses Michael Overton, veterinarian at the University of California-Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center in Tulare. Failure to do so could lead to accidents or even loss of life.

1.         Treat every bull as if he’s a known killer, especially Jersey bulls.

2.         Never turn your back on a bull.

3.         Always have an escape plan in mind before entering a pen with a bull.

4.          Look for and report to management any warning signs of aggression, such as pawing, head down, or sideways stance. 

5.         Beef him at the first sign of a problem or at 2.5 years of age — whichever comes first.