the farm is a great place for children and adolescents to learn the value of hard work and how to handle responsibility. However, the farm is also a place filled with a multitude of accidents just waiting to happen.

To keep everyone on your farm safe — employees and children alike — Don Genrich, Adams County extension agent in Adams, Wis., suggests following these eight rules:

1. Make machinery off limits to everyone except the operator.

2. No riders on equipment EVER.

3. Teach children and employees how to be around and handle animals safely.

4. Practice good housekeeping. Keep all work areas clean.

5. Have a designated place for storing pesticides, fuels, lubricants, disinfectants and solvents. Make sure they are not accessible by children.

6. Put fences around all ponds and manure-storage areas.

7. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand.

8. Develop an emergency accident plan for your farm.