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Animal care advice

How can you prevent your farm from becoming the subject of an undercover video? FULL STORY »

Heifers have specific transition needs

While multiparous cows may be the main target of transition-management programs, first-calf heifers also are vulnerable to setbacks in the transition period, and should receive specialized care. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: 4 tips to reduce variation in the ration

The equipment that mixes the cows’ ration plays an integral role in the day-to-day operation of the farm. If the equipment is not managed and maintained on a regular basis, variation in the rations may occur. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Signs of Mycoplasma bovis infection

Mycoplasma bovis infection is caused by mycoplasma, the smallest free-living pathogen in animals. FULL STORY »

Profit Tips: Young producer shaped his own destiny

Phil Finger is an enthusiastic young dairy farmer with definite goals in mind. FULL STORY »

Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

‘Tis the season for carbon monoxide precautions. FULL STORY »

Winter udder health reminders

Wind chills and temperature changes are the major factors leading to winter teat challenges which can predispose cows to mastitis. FULL STORY »

Advice for treating coliform mastitis

Recent research shows treatment of mild to moderate Gram-negative mastitis can be successful, and it is changing the way veterinarians and producers handle coliform mastitis cases. FULL STORY »

Get a second opinion on your milking routine

Is your milking routine actually being implemented in the same way by every shift, at every milking? FULL STORY »

Keep the praise coming

“Research is very clear that almost every human being — every employee — appreciates quality positive feedback,” says Bob Milligan, senior consultant with Dairy Strategies, LLC. FULL STORY »

Give good feedback

According to Bob Milligan, Senior Consultant with Dairy Strategies, LLC and professor emeritus, Cornell University, quality feedback is important. FULL STORY »

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