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Winter feeding — don’t just add fat

Calves need extra nutrients to withstand cold temperatures. But the experts at Grober Animal Nutrition say it’s not as simple as adding a little more fat to their rations. FULL STORY »

Quality counts during the transition period

High-quality forage is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. FULL STORY »

When life hands you lemons…

When one of Barry Visser’s customers put up high-moisture corn that was too dry, they did what they could to get the most out of that feed. FULL STORY »

Residue prevention manual available in Spanish

The National Milk Producers Federation has released a revised version of its Spanish antibiotic residue prevention manual. FULL STORY »

Is water quality impacting milk quality?

The quality of water on your dairy directly influences the performance of the hygiene chemicals used to clean and sanitize your milking system and bulk tank. FULL STORY »

Is my calves’ bedding dry?

Calves can experience a 60 percent greater loss in body heat when their bedding is wet. FULL STORY »

Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

‘Tis the season for carbon monoxide precautions. FULL STORY »

Winter udder health reminders

Wind chills and temperature changes are the major factors leading to winter teat challenges which can predispose cows to mastitis. FULL STORY »

Advice for treating coliform mastitis

Recent research shows treatment of mild to moderate Gram-negative mastitis can be successful, and it is changing the way veterinarians and producers handle coliform mastitis cases. FULL STORY »

Dairy Heifer Raiser study raises red flag

The recently released “Dairy Heifer Raiser, 2011” study, from the USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System, provides an overview of the management practices used on heifer-raising operations. FULL STORY »

People who like cows

Employing people with the proper attitude toward cattle can go a long way in preventing animal mistreatment, which has unfortunately become a prime target of undercover video. FULL STORY »

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