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DairyCents app

A new mobile app for income over feed cost is available from Penn State’s Extension Dairy Team. FULL STORY »

What’s my drought-stressed corn silage worth?

The price of corn silage is typically based on corn or hay prices. FULL STORY »

Should you 'cherry pick' cows in a synch protocol?

Ever since the first estrus-synchronization protocol was developed, researchers and dairy producers have debated the merits of “cherry picking,” or artificially inseminating (A.I.) cows that come into heat before the protocol is completed. FULL STORY »

Get a better handle on genomics

Genomics seems to be taking our industry by storm. Producers are testing heifers at an ever-increasing rate. FULL STORY »

Electronic thaw bath advice

In a recent issue of the Georgia DairyFax, William Graves, professor and extension dairy scientist at the University of Georgia, shares practical advice on using electronic thaw baths to thaw semen for artificial insemination of dairy cattle. FULL STORY »

Keep an eye on liner cracks

Rubber goods such as liners and short milk tubes are prone to deterioration and cracking — providing an ideal place for bacteria to grow and hide from cleaners and sanitizers. FULL STORY »

Watch out for high ash levels in forages

Dry weather increases the potential for higher ash levels in forages. When high-ash forages make their way into the ration, it could cost you money. FULL STORY »


Read those labels before feeding corn silage salvaged from drought-damaged fields that were originally intended for grain. FULL STORY »

Watch harvest moisture

Producers often tend to harvest drought-damaged corn plants too soon. FULL STORY »

Tips for feeding drought-damaged corn

If high temperatures and sustained drought severely damaged your cornfields this summer, tread carefully. FULL STORY »

Barn fire prevention

Prevention and preparedness can be used to minimize the potential for fire on your farm. FULL STORY »

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