Profit Tips

Watch out for high ash levels in forages

Dry weather increases the potential for higher ash levels in forages. When high-ash forages make their way into the ration, it could cost you money. FULL STORY »

Keep an eye on liner cracks

Rubber goods such as liners and short milk tubes are prone to deterioration and cracking — providing an ideal place for bacteria to grow and hide from cleaners and sanitizers. FULL STORY »

Electronic thaw bath advice

In a recent issue of the Georgia DairyFax, William Graves, professor and extension dairy scientist at the University of Georgia, shares practical advice on using electronic thaw baths to thaw semen for artificial insemination of dairy cattle. FULL STORY »

Get a better handle on genomics

Genomics seems to be taking our industry by storm. Producers are testing heifers at an ever-increasing rate. FULL STORY »

Clean those water tanks

Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) has been found to survive longer in water and mucus, compared to other materials like soil and metal. If a persistently infected animal is present in your herd, mucus harboring the virus could transmit BVDV to other animals that share the same waterer. FULL STORY »

Enhance reproductive performance

Nutrition is a key driver of reproductive success. FULL STORY »

New milk residue screening test

A new milk residue assay is now available through the Cyclone Custom Analyte Detection Service at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. FULL STORY »

How often do you clean your free-stalls?

Daily free-stall cleanings are critical to maintaining low somatic cell counts. FULL STORY »

Tips for chopping BMR corn silage

With harvest season approaching, here is some advice on chopping brown midrib corn silage. FULL STORY »

By the numbers

It pays to cool dry cows. FULL STORY »

Help calves beat the heat

When temperatures exceed a calf’s thermal comfort zone, she will use more energy to drive heat from her body, which leaves less energy available for growth. FULL STORY »

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