Profit Tips

Help calves beat the heat

When temperatures exceed a calf’s thermal comfort zone, she will use more energy to drive heat from her body, which leaves less energy available for growth. FULL STORY »

By the numbers

It pays to cool dry cows. FULL STORY »

Clean those water tanks

Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) has been found to survive longer in water and mucus, compared to other materials like soil and metal. If a persistently infected animal is present in your herd, mucus harboring the virus could transmit BVDV to other animals that share the same waterer. FULL STORY »

Tips for chopping BMR corn silage

With harvest season approaching, here is some advice on chopping brown midrib corn silage. FULL STORY »

Need emergency forage?

Research shows that oats seeded in late summer can provide an excellent source of emergency forage before winter. FULL STORY »

Cool cows to improve reproduction

Limiting inseminations to the cooler part of the day is not enough to solve the effects of heat stress. By the time of insemination, the follicle has already been damaged, and if conception does occur, the resulting embryo is sensitive to heat stress for the first two to three days of gestation. FULL STORY »

What is the cost of homegrown forages?

Dairy farm managers should periodically review their feed procurement strategies. FULL STORY »

Use caution with moldy feeds

Undesirable growing or storage conditions can lead to mold growth and development of mycotoxins, such as zearalenone in wet distillers grains, sugar beet pulp and other by-products. FULL STORY »

Control fly hot spots

Most dairies have “hot spots” of fly breeding around calves, cattle feeding areas, feed storage areas and manure storage areas. According to Mary Sowerby, University of Florida dairy extension agent, and Jerry Hogsette, research entomologist with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, sanitation is the No. 1 key to controlling flies FULL STORY »

3 steps for better results with employees

Managing employees can be a real challenge, but there’s a way to make it easier. According to Tom Wall, president of Dairy Interactive LLC and Language Links LLC, it can be boiled down to three steps. FULL STORY »

Guidelines for whole-herd BVD testing

Surveillance data indicates that more than 70 percent of U.S. dairy cows have been exposed to the bovine viral diarrhea virus. FULL STORY »

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