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Need emergency forage?

Research shows that oats seeded in late summer can provide an excellent source of emergency forage before winter. FULL STORY »

Be safe around skid-steers

The skid-steer loader is one of the most valuable tools deployed on farms. It is flexible, powerful and agile. It can work in small spaces where larger loaders cannot. But it also can be a dangerous machine to use, as evidenced by a number of fatal skid-steer accidents this year. FULL STORY »

Water analysis: Get a good sample first

An accurate water-quality analysis begins with proper water sampling. FULL STORY »

Capture haylage quality

“One way to maximize forage quality is to avoid or at least minimize butyric acid in hay crop silages,” says Kurt Cotanch with the W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute in Chazy, N.Y. FULL STORY »

Should you buy that land?

If you are looking to buy land, and it is potentially high-priced, ask yourself some questions before you make the investment, says Dianne Shoemaker, extension field specialist with The Ohio State University. FULL STORY »

Cool cows to improve reproduction

Limiting inseminations to the cooler part of the day is not enough to solve the effects of heat stress. By the time of insemination, the follicle has already been damaged, and if conception does occur, the resulting embryo is sensitive to heat stress for the first two to three days of gestation. FULL STORY »

Teach proper dehorning techniques

According to Todd Duffield, veterinarian with the Ontario Veterinary College, in Ontario, Canada, dehorning is a four-step process. FULL STORY »

Get a good pack

Good packing procedures help minimize costly surface-spoiled silage in bunker silos and drive-over piles.

According to Keith Bolsen, a retired Kansas State University professor, who now operates a silage-management consulting business with his wife, Ruthie, a packing density of 13 to 15 pounds of dry matter per cubic foot in the top 3 feet of silage is ideal for minimizing surface spoilage. FULL STORY »

Guidelines for whole-herd BVD testing

Surveillance data indicates that more than 70 percent of U.S. dairy cows have been exposed to the bovine viral diarrhea virus. FULL STORY »

3 steps for better results with employees

Managing employees can be a real challenge, but there’s a way to make it easier. According to Tom Wall, president of Dairy Interactive LLC and Language Links LLC, it can be boiled down to three steps. FULL STORY »

What is the cost of homegrown forages?

Dairy farm managers should periodically review their feed procurement strategies. FULL STORY »

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